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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Banning Books

Have you ever picked up a book, cracked it open, and given it a good sniff?


Those things stink!!

I can see why so many people Ban them, just to cut down on the odour a little bit. I suppose you could also Speed Stick them, or Right Guard them, but you only really hear about people Banning them.

Wouldn't it be easier for the publishing houses to insert some potpourri before they hit the shelves? Very odd.

For now, I will continue to Ban my own books. Later today, I will test the roll-on version of my Kindle - even though the electronic book reader doesn't seem to be nearly as stanky...


Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)








Sunday, September 28, 2014

Almost, Maine, from Artists' Collective Theatre

If you're in the Calgary area, run out and pick up tickets to this delightful new production from Artists' Collective Theatre - you won't regret it!

Set in a remote New England "almost" town, the stories collects vignettes on the theme of love that will have you howling one moment, and marvelling the next at just how insightful the playwright has made the quirky situations his characters orbit around. 

Read my just-posted Calgary Herald review, or listen to my cast interview podcast

But most important of all, go see the show!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Evening In Pictures - Calgary Folk Club 09 26 14

My latest review is now live online, and what a night it was! Veteran American folk artist John McCutcheon and rising Canadian star Braden Gates made for two unforgettable sets of stories and stellar musicianship at The Calgary Folk Club.

Check out my review here, which includes links to my pre-interview with Braden, and my new audio podcast interview with John.  

Here's "An Evening in Pictures" - you should have been there!!


Friday, September 26, 2014

All A Board!

Pretty stiff this morning. Awoke to some rain, so maybe I've got weather-related Fleeting Arthritis?

After unseasonably hot weather, it is nice to have it a bit cooler, even if that is making me stiffer than a board.

I realize that last statement could be seriously misinterpreted...



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Irish Play Hits Audience Target

Liffey Players Drama Society 


"Stones In His Pockets"

"The best part of attending community theatre hands down has to be the community itself. One moment, you’re chatting with the Publicity & Media person. During the intermission, you might be introduced to one of the co-directors for another brief chat, or have a drink served at the bar by the gentleman who turns out to be the soft-spoken Artistic Director of the company. Never mind that you’re attending a play set in Ireland, in Calgary’s northwest Irish Cultural Society, and the drink you’ve ordered is a pint of Guinness. Nope, doesn’t get more authentic than that, I think - unless you’re actually in a seaside pub."

Click here to read the rest of this review in my Calgary Herald Blog space...


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Look Before You Leap

Look Before You Leap.

Book Before You Beep.

Took Before You Teak.

Nook Before You Knead.

Nope, Look Before You Leap still makes the most sense.....


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Evolution Of Real Estate

How did the real estate business evolve to where it is today, with buyers and sellers entering into contracts to ensure a seamless transition of property?

Don't ask me - how the heck do I know?

However, that doesn't prevent me from speculating. Check it out:

My latest REM column


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sneak Peek Of My Herald Review: The Fox On The Fairway

It comes out officially in tomorrow's print copy of The Calgary Herald, but I found the online version a bit earlier...

Check out my official review for Stage West Calgary's The Fox On The Fairway!



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)


Ah ain't in Kanziz anymore, Toto!!


This iz wut ah gits from asking' Mrs. That Dan Guy fer directions, wit tha plucking' heck!!

Ah just wanted ta git ta tha grocery store, ta top up mah feather softener lotion. This dry weather has been KILLIN' me!


So, like a blamed idjit ah asked someone that gits lost in a one-room house fer directions????

Nobody ta blame but misself!!


Holy crap - wuz that a coyote??????

You there buddy - any idea where Calgary is??!!??


Cluck fer now...

Friday, September 19, 2014

While You're Waiting...

photo courtesy of StoryBook Theatre

I know you're probably wondering - where's the damn link to the latest Stage West Calgary review??

Well, so am I - it has yet to run.

So, to fill some time in your day, please check out my review for StoryBook Theatre's captivating "The Wizard Of One", a creative re-imagining of the legendary "Wizard of Oz". If you're in the Calgary area and you'd like to see it, click your heels and get your a## over there faster than a motorized munchkin - it only runs today and tomorrow!

Check it out here.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Driving Award - The Pitts!

Watching some asshat race ahead of me and squeeze into what I like to call a "reasonable stopping distance" just to be ahead of me yesterday afternoon, I became inspired. I'm going to be start a new award for drivers on Calgary roads.

I will call these award The Pitts - The "PeckerHead In Traffic Trophy". For every idiot that tries to pass me in an off-ramp - you win The Pitts. For those buffoons that want to run 130 kilometres per hour in a 50 zone, and flash their lights while they tailgate me aggressively to make me move over - while I'm pulled over on the boulevard to fix a flat tire - you win The Pitts.

This has to be the most aggressive city in North America for entitled ignoramuses that believe they hold title to the lane they are in, and you happen to be occupying "illegally".

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that thinks their drivers are worse - I'm not adverse to franchising The Pitts. Let's talk!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Challenges Deemed Obsolete

In the ongoing efforts to make our language more modern, hip and cool for the younger generation - yet another long-accepted descriptor is biting the bullet.

"Challenge" is officially being replaced by "Chillenge", because dude, that's like, why is everything so difficult? Why is it such a chillenge?? Not cool!

Well, very cool apparently. Chilling...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Misery Loves Company

Still the oddest combination of names I've ever seen carved into a heart on a tree trunk...


Monday, September 15, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by guest blogger...uhh..oh boy...Charlie???)

Hallo, hoomans!

Mah column may be a few days late, but ah'm as timely as a stopwatch!!


Watched "Behind Tha Candelabra" las nite - wut a grate movie!

Kirk Douglas an Will Huntin' - man wuz they ever tee-rifik as Liberace an his beau, Scott Wass-hiz-name. 

Ah got ta thinkin' - mebbe ole Charlie needs a little razzle-dazzle hisself, ta stand out inna crowd! 

So - TAA -DAA!!!!!


Personally, ah feel like it's a l'il over tha top, but ah'm pretty sure ah kin pull it off. Hey, if ah kin live in a mansion, drive fancy cars, an play rhinestone pinnanos - BRING ON THA BLING!!


Only thing, is, an can't feel mah arms. Ah can't even FIND mah arms, now that ah think about it...

Where's mah faithfool ahsisstent??

Omigod, ah cain't feel mah arms!!!


Cluck fer now, ah gotta dial 911 with mah beak!!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stage West Calgary's "The Fox On The Fairway"

My "Sneak-Peek Blog Review"

Full Cast & Director

When you attend The Fox On The Fairway, stick around folks. Stay for the second act, which is full of payoffs in this latest Stage West production. During the first half of the show, you will likely find yourself wondering if you should, but this comedy does find its footing once the cast returns for another go around at the story.

I'm sure that in my official Calgary Herald review I'll join all the others that have used ample golf analogies to comment on this play, set in the middle of an inter-club rivalry between two competing country clubs and the stars they are each fielding to win a substantial bet. Actually, I won't even be able to contain myself here - there's an awful lot of time spent in the rough during the first half. 700-foot fairways played with a chipping wedge. You can't blame the cast, you can only do so much with what you're given. The writing in this endeavour doesn't get past middling until the second half. 

The characters as they are written are the guilty party here, I think. While this is admittedly a tribute to the great farces of the 1930's and 1940's, I'd be willing to bet that even that far back, the writers knew when to add a few laughs along the way. For far too long, there are no jokes, or at least none that seemed to connect. The audience went for numerous prolonged periods where there was not even a snicker - not a formula for success in a comedy!

George Wendt & Kevin Hare

Yet when the lights go up for the second half, all the components that failed to connect earlier seemed to grab hard onto the better writing in that act. Star George Wendt chews up his scenes, eliciting heartfelt laughter. The veteran actor can certainly wring a laugh out of a good line.

His real-life wife and co-star here, Bernadette Birkett's character got to have a lot more fun in the second act. And so it was for the entire cast, ending the show to sincere and enthusiastic applause.

I'll go into more detail in my Herald review (link here when that is live and online), but this may be a show that has you wondering if it gets better as it slowly sets the stage in the first act. It certainly does

Reading up on this play, the earlier productions were not well-recieved, but after two or three re-workings, audiences warmed up to it. Playwright Ken Ludwig does know what he's doing for the stage, he is the fellow behind the popular "Lend Me A Tenor", and several more that have earned him a number of awards. 

In the early going though, it's hard to see the flag on the green...

The Fox On The Fairway stars George Wendt, Bernadette Birkett, Kevin Hare, Melanie McInenly, Marianne McCord, and Graham Parkhurst. Directed by J. Sean Elliott

3 out of 5 Stars

Photos courtesy of Stage West Calgary

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lynn Miles & Leeroy Stagger - An Evening In Pictures

Well, this is the first season of my Calgary Folk Club reviews that transition over now to my Calgary Herald blog page. However, I will continue to post pictures here, as I am limited there.

So please go check out my review on that page, after you've had a chance to see how much fun you missed on this one.

It was an epic start to the season, for sure...

Check it out

Keith Glass, Lynn Miles, Jason Valleau
Leeroy Stagger
Leeroy Stagger & Band
Russell Broom

Lynn Miles

Keith Glass

Jason Valleau

Friday, September 12, 2014

Simply Theatre's Adaptation of 12 Angry Men

A work of art might be defined by how it can defy the passing of time and remain relevant or even timely, despite decades and even centuries passing. What might also define that work of art might be how that piece could be presented to new audiences, and still remain so very obvious that it is indeed a profound work of art. 

Without a doubt, last night’s premiere of Reginald Rose’ 12 Angry Men by Simply Theatre left the audience standing in unabashed appreciation at the end of this great American classic.  

Well, to read the rest, you'll have to go visit my Calgary Herald blog page :-)

Click here for that.

An amazing presentation!


TGIF!!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flawtography, #022

Flawtography, #022:

Stevie Wonder

I've had the good fortune of seeing Stevie Wonder perform live twice. The first time, was in the Winnipeg Arena with my sister. That was a full show, and he was unbelievable! Unforgettable!


The second time I caught him live was back in 2009, at a Mandela Day event at Radio City Music Hall. he was just part of a star-studded lineup put together in honour of Nelson Mandela. The lineup featured Aretha Franklin, Josh Groban,, Gloria Gaynor, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah - more acts than I can even remember, although I did document the entire evening in photos.

Like the one above, where you can see Mr. Wonder in his full passion of playing, belting out Happy Birthday, to Mandela.

Brings the whole night back for me, seeing that photo.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Twas The Night Of A Blizzard. In September...

I can't even bring myself to take a picture right now. Well, I can't because it's still too dark.

However, we had a blizzard overnight. In September. Still technically summer, as I understand it. Canadian summer, for sure.

And, it has been below zero, Celsius, which sounds worse than it is, but is still pretty bad.

In a nutshell, the ground is covered in about a foot of snow, it's freezing cold, and I want some answers, Weatherman. Capeesh??

Gotta run, this meteorologist needs some broth to stay alert enough to update me on when normalcy returns to our neck of the woods. And despite his protestations, he does NOT need to have his ropes loosened to do that...


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

To Be, Or Ought To Be?

Had a great exchange recently with the delightful Christopher Weddell, a co-founding member of Vancouver's enduringly popular Bard On The Beach.

He is coming to Calgary to present "Shake-scenes", what appears to be an extremely comprehensive tool for both aspiring and established actors.

You can read the interview in today's Calgary Herald blog page.



Monday, September 08, 2014

Ho Ho Ho....

Might be making one of these in the yard later this afternoon. According to forecasts, we are supposed to have snow start falling around 3 PM today.

There could actually be enough to stick around for awhile.

Oh Canada. Stand on guard for thee?? Standby, our flight to Florida leaves shortly....

Oh Canada. True North Strong & Free? More like an annex of Siberia...

Oh Canada - bite me!!!


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by our apparently irregular weekend guest blogger, Charlie Chicken...)


Juss great....


Tha doctor sez I gotta "werk sum thins out" in mah gutsy areas - so now I gotta choke down shredded card-bored fer breakfast.



Ah guess ah coulda boiled sum prunes or sumthin - but thass even LESS appealin'!!

An potenshully ass-plosive!!


Seems mah gutsy areas iz backin' up, an I kin't use Drano like ah thought ah cud tah cleer it up. Or a conkokshun a baking soda, Mentos an Koka-Kola...

Sheesh - way tah suppress mah creativity, Doc!!


OK, ah've avoided this as long as ah can. Down tha hatch, ya nasty, nasty sludge....


Cluck fer now...

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Sorry Charlie, I'm in The Herald Again This Morning...

My guest blogger gets bumped this morning, as I have yet another feature just gone live in the Calgary Herald.

A new theatre company launches next week with the iconic 12 Angry Men, and I chatted with the company founders for this debut.

Check it out here

Enjoy, and go support local theatre!!


Friday, September 05, 2014

Folk and Roots Artist Lynn Miles Coming To Calgary

Just posted my latest Calgary Herald blog feature, my interview with singer songwriter Lynn Miles. getting pretty excited to see her perform next Friday at the Calgary Folk Club.

Read all about it here!


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hasten La VISA, Bay-Bee...

The Spanish clerk last night, demanding my VISA card for payment in the long lineup at the counter.

Despite knowing absolutely NO Spanish myself, I think she made that phrase up...


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Magpie Armageddon

I don't know anything about where you live, but here in my own backyard there has been a slow and gradual influx of magpies, the scavenger birds related to crows and ravens. Not Heckyl & Jeckyl, these pests have started to gather in large gangs, smoking cigarettes and swinging belt chains.

If I look out my rear window right now, there's at least 10 or more, striking fear into all the other wildlife in the area. They've actually chased a wild jackrabbit away, swooping down at the poor little fella until he moved along.

Yesterday, one was tearing apart a neighbour's lawn chair, probably trying to leave a message of some sort. "You've got till Tuesday, buddy -'s curtains!!"

They even look like little thugs, with their chests sticking out, and those cold, gleamy eyes unblinking. The one with the Cher tattoo creeps me out the most, but I suspect he could be leading a double life to fit in with the rest of his pals...

To bad it's illegal to discharge a BB gun in our development, otherwise I might consider pruning the membership, so to speak.

I'll admit, I have a feeling that could backfire on me, literally. I wouldn't want to ruffle those aggressive feathers any more than I have to...


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

My Full Feature With George Wendt & Bernadette Birkett

Just posted my official interview and links to the video versions on The Calgary Herald website - go check it out:

Wendt Birkett

You may learn something...



Monday, September 01, 2014

Thinking Of Becoming A Vegetarian

No, wait - the thought has passed - can you pass me the steak sauce please???