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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I propose that we start to add a few extra days to every month. Especially slacker months like February – who really needs to pull his socks up and get it together. Lazy so-and-so…

Here it is, the end of March already. Wouldn’t it be handy to have even just a few more days added on? If tomorrow were March 32nd, you could look forward to not having to remove the sheet from your calendar for another day.

Frankly, that doesn’t sound as good as I thought it did. Maybe we should take February’s lead, and start hacking a few days off instead?? Maybe a 15-day month would be the way to go!

By now, it should be entirely clear that I have no real argument one way or the other on this topic. What I really have is “nothing” – but I’ve managed to stretch that out to about four small paragraphs. Clearly, at least from this blog’s standpoint, the shorter month would be a blessing…

Chow for now!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooked Ham – (There May Be A Moral Here Somewhere)…The End.

When last we visited this hearth-warming story of a wolf and three little piggies, two of the hammy snorters had been consumed by failures in the housing market. One became several dozen footballs, as well as a delicious complement to a side of mustard. The other was sprinkled over a Caesar salad, with chops set aside in the freezer for another day. The old wolf who had stumbled across them (it may indeed be time for Wolfie to revisit the optometrist) was slowly working his way through the trio.

The last remaining little piggy opted to take extreme measures to protect himself. He built a house of brick, discussed insurance products with a friendly green Gecko, discreetly purchased an unregistered handgun from a rough-and-tumble weasel with one eye…and whenever he did have to leave the safety of his fortified compound, drove a Toyota.

Meanwhile, the old wolf had come across a home not too far from the little piggy’s. Jimmying the lock, he entered the residence, and discovered three bowls of half-eaten porridge. Trying a spoonful of the first bowl, he quickly realized why the porridge was abandoned. It tasted like crap.

Scoping out the rest of the house, he went through dresser drawers in each of three bedrooms. The jewelry in one was a bit too big, but he was pretty sure his fence would be able to move it.

The i-Pod in another bedroom was a bit too small (why would anyone buy a measly 8 Gigs of storage??), but his son would probably appreciate it anyway.

In the final bedroom, he spotted a pair of Brazilian pumps that fit juuust right (OK, Wolfie may have some issues, I will admit…) – pleasing him tremendously.

With his swag in hand (backpack, more specifically), off he went, passing along the way a home of brick – the stronghold constructed by the final pig.

Kids, if your parents hide a key under the doormat at the front door, you may want to get back to Clifford, The Big Red Dog, or see what magical adventure Dora The Explorer is about to embark upon today. Truly, a security system is only as good as its weakest link, and if there is a moral in this tale anywhere, it may be that one should exercise some originality when it comes to hiding a spare key outside their home.

For the wolf though – it was a very good week.

The End.

(Chow for now)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Grimm Indeed – Pigs In A Poke, Part Two

Once upon a time, there were three little piggies, or at least there were three - until one ran afoul of local building code compliance, and wound up converted to bacon bits, whilst idling inside his house of straw. An old mountain wolf who had come to their town was the unexpected beneficiary of the impromptu pig roast, smacking his old wolf lips in delight at his good fortune.

But that was yesterday, and old mountain wolves have needs. Specifically, a hunger, or a hankering if you will. So off he set, with a jaunt in his step, and BBQ sauce in his hip pocket.

Along the way, he came across the hastily-constructed abode of the second pig (Irwin, if you feel you must know) – his house constructed of sticks. No stones.

This was good news for the old wolf, who was suffering from diverticulitis, and needed more fibre in his diet. A toasted pork-sicle would fit the bill just dandily!

He knocked on the little pig’s door, and howled loudly:”Yo pig – can I borrow some eggs? I’m makin’ ham an eggs, I am!!”

The little pig replied: “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin.” Which frankly did little for his cause. The old wolf just huffed, puffed on his cherry-flavoured cigarillo, and lit the brittle house of sticks on fire. While setting his foot against the door. Piggy #2 was soon a side of ham.

While breakfast was cooking, a young girl with a red hood zipped by on a skateboard. The wolf asked where she was off to, after courteously offering her a bun-wich of roast pork to-go. Somewhat slightly suspicious, she made up a story about her grandmother’s house, when really she was racing to get to her favorite seat at The Bingo Castle. Wolfie made a mental note, and wished her well as she Tony Hawked over the curb, and off into the horizon.

Tomorrow- the conclusion - where we sincerely hope there’s an uplifting moral somewhere in the narrative…

Chow for now!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They lived in a forest that surrounded the suburbs of a major North American city. Sure, it was woody, and filled with silverfish, but there was a Wal-Mart and a Starbucks, so life wasn’t that bad after all.

One day, a wolf from the nearby mountains came to visit. He had read an online article about pork stir-fry, and just couldn’t find an abundance of piggies up in the rugged terrain he called home. Plus, he had a coupon for a dollar off a Grande mocha latte.

Well, the first thing the old wolf sees when he arrives were these three little pigs, napping under a tree by a babbling brook (the brook had a bit of “running dementia”, and could sure carry on with the babbling…).

Fortunately, the old wolf had brought along his non-stick wok, with which he had planned on using to wallop any pigs he came across. However, his arthritic knees popped all the way along his approach, awakening the pigs, and each ran off, squealing all the way home. One had roast beef. One became a nun.

To protect themselves from this vicious predator, each pig decided to build a home. One used straw, which failed preliminary building inspections. The by-law officer burned it down with a flame-thrower, essentially preparing that hapless little piggy for the old wolf. With just a dash of sweet and sour sauce, Piggy #1 was a delightful complement to a side of chop suey.

Hey, isn’t that how you call a piggy?? “Soo-ee!!!” Ironic…

Tune in next time, to see how the other two piggies fared.

Chow for now!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken..)

Open Sesame!!



My woes is over, humany friends! I did buy a magic lamp, just like the one Aladdin picked up, centuries ago.

Only problem is, I gotta narrow down what I WANT, to three measly little wishes.

A chicken has needs, dude…


Do I wish fer a wagonload a gold, or a wagonload a chicks? The latter sounds appealin’ but plagued wit troubles if I ain’t got the scratch to keep ‘em all happy – chicks is high maintenance, unless ya got enough dough ta distract ‘em wit baubles an feeds…

Mebbe I should wish fer an island, where I’m tha only male chicken aroun’ – an sand is the currency merchants use? Then I just need ta figure out my third wish.

I always wanted ta be taller…


Ya know, this don’ look like much uva magic lamp – I hope I din get ripped orf…


Hey, is it just me, or is my cigarette startin’ ta look like a joint?? Mebbe I should wish for better props fer these postin’s??

I think my first wish had better be that this here magic lamp really does have the powers that tha old rooster at tha bar said it did – otherwise I better skitter over to the local 7-11, an pick me up some Lotto tix, pronto.

I’ll be honest folks. I always wanted a pet elephant – I’d call him “Mr. Swisheroo”.

…..uh…on second thought, Mr. Swisheroo may not be the manliest name I could come up with…


This wish stuff is hard – I’m conflicted, an I ain’t even able to think up TWO good wishes, let alone three.

I better go have anuther cuppa coffee, and put more thought inta this, before I do rub my lamp.

Lamp…ya pervert!

Cluck fer now!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

When WAS the last time I Wang Chunged??

Probably around the time that old chameleon was so well known for his karma, maybe?

(NOTE TO SELF: Wake up before you try and recall pop music titles – your head will hurt less…)

Chow for now…

(Yes, I’m throwing in the towel/waving a white flag/retreating from today’s post…)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hola, amigos!

Well, that’s about as continental as THIS space is ever going to get…plus that might be as multi-lingual as I can muster, unless you include “si”, “oui”, and “Live Long & Prosper”…

I wish I had learned another language. My brain rejected the high school French that instructors gallantly endeavored to impart upon me. Aside from enjoying Spanish peanuts, I never absorbed any of that language. Or Mexican, which is similar.

Over the years, different ethnic backgrounds have taught me how to swear in their language, but I never felt safe tossing any of those words out, in case they really were teaching me how to say: “I have lovely hemorrhoids”.

Many mornings, I do speak “Wookie” though - Chewbacca’s native tongue is pretty much yawning with a blend of rolling growl. I do that at least until I’ve had my first cup of coffee…

Chow for now!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Good night’s sleep last night! Good thing, I had a 4-piece luggage set under both eyes yesterday, and spent the day as peppy as a 90-year old garden slug. I can feel it in my bones today – I gots pep!!!

However, you don’t want to expend all that energy unnecessarily, per se. I should really try and store it, to get me through to the end of the week.

For example, this coffee sitting beside the computer could be sipped on s-l-o-w-l-y throughout the morning - buying me valuable time to recoup my aged battery surplus.

I could browse through the stack of newspapers that have begun to accumulate (victim of my fast-paced, demanding schedule of…of…), thereby stockpiling even more energy reserves.

And, I could begin to inventory the ceiling stipple – taking frequent breaks so as not to pinch my neck.

But there’s no rush to get to any of that. Pacing here is going to be the key…

Chow. For now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Land O Lakes!!!!!!

3:52 AM, and I’m still not asleep yet – this night-owl business is playing havoc with my beauty regimen!

Well, rather than try and be pithy while my:

A) dry throat is driving me crazy, and the water I consume to soothe it is causing me to make FREQUENT trips to the biffy…

B) clearing my dry throat of some phantom phlegm – hey, isn’t that an old country group?

C) eyes are droopy, but not actually closed…

D) sleepy-but-awake mind is riveted upon the light bulb above our breakfast island, and

E) the question remains thus far unanswered (how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood)…

I’ve instead surfed the Google, and came across this old column of mine from when it still ran in the online version of the newspaper, and not just the print version (not that I’m complaining – just sayin’…)

Hope you enjoy:

Chow for now!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow! On the heels of the most recent milestone for this blog, today is the 1500th post!

I need to get some groceries, but I am reluctant to leave the house, in case ET, Access Hollywood, or Larry King call for a feature interview.

While I’m waiting for those media outlets to touch base however, here’s a few comments from other readers I expect to receive:

Wow, 1500 posts! What is it going to take to see this train wreck come to an abrupt halt??”


That’s swell, That Dan Guy – but thanks so much for responding to our online Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey.”

-Starbucks Auto-Responder

Have You Hugged Your Vista Today?”

-Microsoft Windows

Big deal – 1500 posts… I pound back that many beers in a weekend…”

-Charlie Chicken

Remarkable! And my electricity made it all possible! By the way, have you seen my kite??”

-Benjamin Franklin

“To My Biggest Fan – YOU Write The Songs!!”

-Barry Manilow

1500 – and at least 12 of those that are any good…”


Well, it’s a diverse group, at least…

Here’s to the next 1500!!

Chow for now!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

“Spectacle: Elvis Costello With”


The new season of “Spectacle: Elvis Costello With” debuted last night, and it was a dandy! Haven’t heard of it?? Well, if you’re beginning to tire of sitting through weekly pop music manglings on American Idol, tune in to THIS show, to enjoy some of the most amazing singers and songwriters that have hummed into a kazoo:

Elvis Costello may be the ringmaster of this musical variety show, but the guests make it worth viewing. This season opened last night with Canadian Ron Sexsmith, who I discovered far too late (but not too late) – who has penned some rather impressive hits.

Then there was the ageless Sheryl Crow, who played a couple of acoustic versions of her big hits. And Neko Case strummed out her cover version of a harry Nilsson tune. All darn enjoyable.

But bringing back the memories for me was Jesse Winchester, one of those “slipped- between-the-cracks” artists. I have several of his albums on cassette tape, never updating my digital files with his library of gentle story-telling gems. Man, he was amazing.

I actually saw him live, back in the heyday of his career. He was an ill-advised opening act for The Eagles’ “Hotel California” tour, when it rolled through Winnipeg back in the mid-70’s. Along with The Steve Miller Band (also at a peak in his career), Winchester was pretty much drowned out by a raucous crowd of rockers, waiting for the bigger names. If I remember correctly, he was also upstaged with a walk-on by Winnipeg’s favourite son, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who (again, another artist enjoying international success at that point in time).

Ah, the music biz. Peaks, valleys, and the odd gift of actual entertainment in a “reality TV” world. “Spectacle: Elvis Costello With” – check it out, and treat yourself.

Chow for now!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(Posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken…)






Brothers an sisters – ole Charlie needs yer prayers now more than ever. I gotta crazy idea ta get back inta my fightin’ shape – I ain’t seen my six-pack abs since they bloomed inta a two-four!



Jeez, I shure hope my cigarette ashes don set the carpet on fire…

Clearly, I unnerestimated how badly outta shape I had gotten. I think my calves is bleating out loud right now!


Great Chicken, please give me the strength to make it at LEAST to 3 minutes a this torture – I feel like I’m getting plucked without the benefit a anisthetics…


Ya know, I used ta be like Rocky Balboa – I could leap over tall buildins inna single bound. Now, I think one a my lungs is folded over. Or on strike.


Hey, where’s my ole head band an leggings?? I maybe just need to LOOK like I’m exercisin’ – not actually trying to die by sweat ingestion…

Screw this – the bar is open!

Cluck fer now…

Friday, March 19, 2010


We get snow overnight, after weeks of beautiful weather??

Our lawn was entirely clear of the winter blanketing these past few days, and now it’s covered again in snow.

Say, I wonder if goats and cattle ever wish it would rain or snow ketchup? I mean, snow and rain are pretty dull – maybe herbivores wouldn’t mind a bit of zest in their diets??

Actually, Ranch dressing might be more appropriate, now that I think a bit more about it.

And there’s my problem – I shouldn’t be left to think about these sorts of things…

Chow for now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture worth a thousand words?


Five or six??

This is a random shot we snapped in NYC last year – just another day in The Big Apple.

(and it sure beats TYPING a thousand words!!!)

Chow for now!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Baby!!

Holy crow – today my blog turns FOUR!

After a tentative start, without much to say, here we are four years later, pretty much about where we started…

All kidding aside, starting this thing with no clear idea of what I hoped to achieve, this blog space frequently turns up as the top search result for any number of items. It has led to a recurring entertainment column in the Calgary Herald. Nutty concert reviews have also appeared online at Ticketmaster, where I am a Top 500 Contributor (so far).

Sure, there’s that awkward weekend chicken that posts here, but according to Google Analytics, that offensive plasticized poultry is routinely among the top search results on the site – and linked to a number of websites. Go figure…

Over the past year, features have been growing, such as the podcast interviews that are going to be expanding much more over the next few months. Stay tuned for some interesting stuff there.

What does the future hold for “Such Is Life”?? Who knows? Who would have bet on four years (every day, so far…) – certainly not myself!!

We’ll just have to see where it goes. Hopefully there will be more days that I have something to share, than mornings that I glare at the screen, and admit “I got nothing”.

Thanks for visiting…you’re part of the reason I’m still doing this.

That's right - you've only got yourself to blame...

Chow for now!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


According to the forecast this morning, we are supposed to hit a record high – and that’s without ingesting any sort of medication.

What’s that? Not the high you were referring to??


Oh, well…that’s pretty cool too.

So, today we are supposed to hit record high TEMPERATURES, which may be a good reason to unwrap my Speedo from the dry-cleaners’ plastic wrap. Man, I am white as an ivory marble right now – winter in Canada may be sunny, but it sure don’t keep you looking like George Hamilton.

Really, you could use my skin tone right now to set a can of paint to “ecru”. Or “eggshell”.

Or “pasty”.

Chow for now!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Goldarn insomnia!!

Here it is, the wee small hours of the morning, and my eyeballs are still wide as saucers!

Oh, I've tried going to bed - several times. After tossing and turning repeatedly, I've gotten back up to watch TV. At this time of the morning, Slap Chop commercials, and televised poker. I may as well resign myself to tapping out a short blog, and maybe I'll expand on it later on this morning.

Or afternoon...

Chow for now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello darkness, my old friend…

Well, clearly we will be passing on the current reunion tour of old pals Simon & Garfunkel, even though we’d both love to see them perform here in Cowtown. I almost had a coronary when I tried to buy tickets Friday. $550, $450, and $325 PER TICKET!!And that doesn’t even include shares in Ticketmaster. Never mind that for the $325 price level, we might even be sharing our rafter seats with Calgary Flames hockey gear stored in the attic where our seats would be located.

Aye Caramba!!

As much as we would like to catch this tour, it won’t break our hearts THAT much. After all, we’ve seen them both on their own solo tours. Paul Simon we caught many years ago, back when he was in another of his many career peaks – and that show to this date remains way up there as a favourite. He was amazing. No Barry Manilow, but still terrific...

Just a couple of years ago, we had great seats to see Art Garfunkel live, and he performed an amazing set of solo and S & G tunes – so if we super-imposed both of those shows together in our minds, we can almost brag to friends that yes, indeed – we have seen Simon & Garfunkel.

Although we wouldn’t stand up to too much scrutiny…

Hee Hee...I said tutu...

Chow for now!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(Posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken, before That Dan Guy can stop him…)


Hello in there???

Can you hear me now, Webcam peepels??


Ole Charlie is tryin’ ta embrace modern technology, but I ain’t sure this webcam is workin’. I can’t see through this thing, like I can thru the peeperhole in our front door…

Not that I peek thru THAT many peeperholes!!


Anyhowz, I wanna bring my home-spun folksy message to all you human peepels – kinda like that Sarah Lee Palin is doin’ right now – gee whillikers, by gar!!


I wanna just rap over the inner net about wisdom I gained over my lifetime – like “Don’t Put All Yer Eggs In One Basket” – frankly, baskets issa stooped place fer eggs in the first place – keep ‘em inna fridge!!

Or “Tickle Yer Ass With A Feather” – I still have one helluva welt from where I tried ticklin’ that ole farm donkey – they just don’t go fer feather-ticklin’…


I gotta load of advice and folksy anik-dotes. Plus, I think the world is ready for less chicken- #@*#, and more chicken logic!

Cluck fer now!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Regina-born comic-strip brothers chuckling to success

Breaking NEWS!!

My piece on the syndicated cartoon "Chuckle Bros." also ran in The Regina Leader-Post!

Check it out at:

Regina-born comic-strip brothers chuckling to success

What’s the big deal about songwriting?

Really, it’s just a string of words set to music. It doesn’t take a composer like Einstein to do that!

Here – I’ll give you an example of a possible hit song, written off of the top of my head (conveniently cleared of follicles, providing an ideal workspace):

Empty Can

By That Dan Guy

Can of pop

Pop Pop Pop…

Can Of pop,

Empty on the counter top.

Can of pop,

Empty, not a drop

Of pop in the can

Of Pop!!!


Add in a few high-pitched shrieks a la Timberlake, a few drops pops and locks from Timbaland, and I could sell that puppy to Lady Gaga!

Maybe I should, all kidding aside…

Chow for now!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The regular season is winding down in the NHL, and as the playoff race heats up, I await my shot to help a team make a serious run for the Super Bowl.

Yes, I am an “unrestricted-in-the-broadest-sense” free agent, who has yet to hear the jingle of my telephone, beckoning from a team that requires my special skill set to make a run for the brass ring. Or whatever the trophy is made of…

Look at that face! The concentration, the nerves of steel…the ability to blind opponents with a single flash of that polished forehead.

Killer instinct. Smudge-free eyeglasses – I’ve got it all, and I want to bring it. Anywhere…

Call me, NHL.

Chow for now!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bob Newhart Live In Concert

Here's a link to my national real estate column, which for this month highlights the live appearance we took in last year of the legendary humorist/comic Bob Newhart: (For some reason, not loading as a hyper-link...)

Chow for now!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Comic-strip brothers chuckling to success

Comic-strip brothers chuckling to success

Hey, my feature article (interview) with syndicated cartoonists Ron & Brian Boychuk (Chuckle Bros.) is in The Calgary Herald this morning!

Click on the link above to check it out, and don't forget to listen to the two-part interview, either at:

or download and subscribe for free from i-Tunes, by searching for:

"thatdanguy's podcast"....

Chow for now!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Dear i-Phone,

Even though we’ve only been together a little over a month, I feel I owe you an apology. I doubted you, and recently (yesterday), I came to my senses, after downloading a simple program, which now easily allows me to post blogs from your completely capable hardware.

I know, I know – just a few days before, in a moment of complete frustration (while stranded in an open sea of seemingly hopeless technological isolation), I snapped at you. Publicly. I thought that you weren’t up to the task I hoped you might be able to provide me with – access when hotel internet lets me down.

i-Phone, you are more than capable! You dazzle, you dance with potential and capabilities. Now, not only can we share special moments together gaming and social networking, we can post blogs from anywhere there’s a wireless connection – unlike that wimpy netbook that I drag around with me on trips…

Our relationship is just beginning to bloom. Every day brings a new discovery. Even that technological heathen I share my home with enjoys playing games on you (even if she does over-exaggerate her bowling follow-through…).

The future looks bright, i-Phone – so bright I gotta wear shades!

Chow for now!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Well,let's see if this works. Trying to post via Blogger Lite, an iPhone app. If this does work, I won't be left at the cruel mercies of hotel room Internet, anymore.
My blood pressure may move down a bit, from deep fryer to drip coffeemaker...
Let's goes nothing...
Chow for now.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(Posted somewhat gingerly today, by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken…)


OK…can we talk???


I think we’re both reasonable adults here – mebbe we can work out some sort of mutual…best-case scenario? One where I get to walk my pinfeathers back over to my part of this here coop??


So, hows about a few ground rules? House rules, so ta speek??

For example…mebbe I won’t use yer toothbrush anymore??

Or I could quit drinkin’ haffa bottla beer, then refillin’ it with tap water??

Hey – how about I start goin’ outside ta “do my bizniz”???


Say, wouldja mind loosen’ in yer grip a bit?? My poultry bumps is makin’ it hard ta swallow with them fingers so tight aroun my sphincter.. I ain’t a baseball bat, ya know…


Yer sock drawer money? I don’t know whatcher talkin’ about??


Alright, alright – sheesh!! Pretty touchy so early inna mornin’, ain’t cha??

Well, partner – I got good news – WE just invested in sum racehorses – at least until the fourth race this afternoon!

Wattaya mean, “seven secret herbs and spices”????

Oh –oh…


I’m too purty ta die!!!!!!!!!


Cluck fer now….(I hope…)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Back home again, after a short jaunt. Carried more portable technology than an astronaut, and still unable to access the internet reliably. I cannot begin to tell you how much that warms my heart.

Now, I must spend the day catching up on an avalanche of e-mails that required too much attention to be responded to from my phone (fat fingers, tiny keyboard…).

Next time we leave the house, I’m buying the longest LAN cable you’ve ever seen – I won’t be worrying about web access again…


Chow for now!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

And, there you have it…

Yesterday, our in-room computer issues were resolved, just in time for checkout today.

After all my griping, it turned out to be an issue with the modem in our room, NOT Windows Vista. I don’t care – I still blame Vista for everything that’s gone wrong since we bought into that OS a year or two ago.

I blame Vista for global warming, Miley Cyrus, and Bubonic Plague.


Chow for now.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Delightful. Another day, no goddam internet in our room, and even my high-falutin' i-Phone gets me all the way past login on Blooger, yet doesn't provide me a keyboard with which I could type a post. Technology really has my number, and it sure ain't 007....

So, a quick post once more from the business center, with bleary-eyed business people glaring at me to get off so they can surf for stock market updates, or mail-order brides.

Life is swell!!

Chow for now!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I don't know why every goddam time we leave the house, my frigging WINDOWS computers act as if they have severe head trauma, and CAN'T FRIGGING WORK!!!

Almost without exception, every time we are away. there is one sort of computer problem or another related to network connections, be that wireless, wired, or held by hand and massaged without any signs of life.

It gets old real quick - and my blood pressure is already high enough.

What is the problem, WINDOWS??????????????


Chow for now, from the hotel business center computer, that actually works...

Monday, March 01, 2010


There doesn’t seem to be much Olympic programming on TV this morning, whereas you literally couldn’t escape it the past couple of weeks. Of course, I am up earlier than usual, so maybe it will kick in later today.

I do want to catch the gold medal hockey game when it runs, and after missing the opening ceremonies, I suppose I should try and catch the finale of the whole dang thing.

Oh well, I guess I have all week – it’s not like they won’t end the ratings-grabber event on a weekend to maximize viewership…

I really need to consider buying a TV guide.

Chow for now!!