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Thursday, October 31, 2013


There are a few words that you just don't get to use often enough, in my humble opinion.

1) Happenstance: I came up on you by happenstance, or, In volleyball, you prepare to return a serve by getting into the happenstance...

2) Forthwith: We must pursue those perps forthwith, or, Would you like to mix that forthwith a little coke or 7-Up??

3) Heretofore: I heretofore conclude this pointless ramble, or, Working until 3:30 today, but I could be heretofore..


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Canada May Have Health Care....

While we do tend to pride ourselves on "free" universal health care here in Canada, we are not at all immune to some of the other government woes that our friends & neighbours in the United States have been challenged with in recent years.

Right now here in The Great White North, our Prime Minister is being shown for what everyone feared he was all along - and the repercussions could echo the shift that occurred the last time the Progressive Conservative government fell out of favour with voters. This time though, there may be even more disgrace and discord that happens before the party is wiped out completely.

Hey, I could be wrong, but if the corruption scandal over our "senate" continues to unravel, either the senate or the Prime Minister will suffer a fatal blow. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, or a bigger group of self-indulgent nincompoops. It would only be icing on the cake if they all shared the same cell block in one of our high-class low security prison facilities. They could still all be allowed out to compete in the Senior Olympics...

Here's the thing with elected officials. While socialism always gets compared to Communism, I wrote tongue-in-cheek years ago that democracy was a system that afforded the sheep to be governed by their natural predators. We elect men and women to do what is best for us as a society, but so often (like Spiderman), they forget that with great power, comes great responsibilities as they get involved in serving their own best interests.

A small group of people then do damage to the vast majority of the population, and we as polite Canadians seem to have forgotten how to mount a decent pitchforking, let alone tar and feathering.

Something has to change - in the case of Canada, I think that is bubbling up well in advance of the next general election.

Let's just hope the next set of wolves has an aversion to mutton....


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reminder: @folkawards Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominees Showcase Nov. 8, 9 @CalgFolkClub

It's getting closer!

The 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards are being held right here in Calgary this year, with a big gala event wrapping things up with the official awards presentation November 10th.

A while back, I posted details and links after the nominees were announced:

Fans of folk music can enjoy two evenings of showcases at the Calgary Folk Club leading up to the awards, November 8 & 9. If you haven't discovered this amazing venue yet, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity to see the depth and breadth of Canadian talent representing folk, roots, blues and more.

I'll post more here over the next few days, but if you check out their site you'll find all the details for this event and their current season.

More to follow!


Monday, October 28, 2013

First Snow, and our rabbit

As you can see from the photo above, we had our first snowfall yesterday - 5 cm. Which led to over 300 accidents - on a Sunday!!

As you can also see, our freeloading rabbit has returned after a week or so of gallivanting off away somewhere else - and the fur ball doesn't even have the good sense to get in to his den, out of the cold and snow!!

I had to pull out the camera and take a couple of shots, as the snow began to accumulate on his ears - better hope Target or Wal-Mart don't find out that they can simply sell snow as a hat!!

We dodged Canadian winter for awhile so far - but looks like it has arrived now...


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogg..HEY! Are those MY shirts????)


So warm and fuzzy.....


Twitchy leg.....



Hey, why is it so dark in ma bedroom???

An why does it smell like BO????

Gotta roll - Cluck fer now!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calgary Folk Club Review: Ian Sherwood with Coco Love Alcorn

Calgary Folk Club 
10 25 13
Ian Sherwood with
Coco Love Alcorn

The Saturday Morning 
"Well-Before-Noon Entertainment Review":

Calgary Folk Club

Ian Sherwood 
Coco Love Alcorn

Last night's wonderful evening of East Coast entertainment here in the shadow of The Rockies should have been sponsored by the American ice cream company Good Humor. The two genial artists incorporated engaging, warm humour into both of their onstage personas, to great effect with the audience. 

That only sealed the deal, as both musicians showcased top-notch skills and resonating songs that ensured they'd be signing CDs during the breaks. Things got even better when they joined forces for most of Sherwood's two sets. 

A little background on Ian Sherwood:

2012 Male Artist of the Year - International Acoustic Music Awards
Music Nova Scotia's 2008 & 2010 Musician of the Year
2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee, Contemporary Singer of the Year
Clearly, this gentleman's music gets noticed...

He shared a story towards the end of the evening about having an informal songwriters circle, swapping songs one night with folks like Gordie Sampson and Bruce Guthro - in case you needed further perspective of where Sherwood is held in Canadian music circles. In a case of "small world" for me, he records his albums with accompaniment from pianist Konrad Pluta, a fellow I am well familiar with in covering and reviewing Stage West Calgary for The Calgary Herald.

Getting back to last night, I was sold by the first few bars of his opening song. But as for particular highlights, "We're Not Alone", "Capetown", and the stunning "Oh Daisy" sure stood out. Not to mention his audience participation epic "You Shot Our Love Down", which took sing-a-long to a whole new level of involvement. 

Alternating guitar, saxophone, and aided by skilled sampling tracks recorded on the spot he paid tribute to Motown, and then segued into a scat-off with Coco Love Alcorn on "Short End Of The Stick". 

 Their combination enhanced what already stood well on its own merits. I'll talk about Coco in just a moment, but to learn more about Ian Sherwood, click here. If I were pressed for a comparison, I'd consider him to be a folkie Jason Mraz...

Coco Love Alcorn didn't take long to get the audience participating along with her songs, and at one point I felt obliged to Tweet about how the audience was clearly spellbound.

Bringing her musical heritage and wide range of styles together, I could hear traces of soul, R & B, jazz - all with alternating softness and barrel-housing power, yet crystal clear throughout. 

Also excellent in blending in humour, her hilarious (and depending on your perspective, somewhat naughty) tribute to her Italian road bicycle had the folk club members in stitches. "Falling Into You", "Best Part Of My Day", and "Revolution" provided a showcase for vocals, and some ukelele stylings. 

There was even an excellent bass-driven rap foray, so this artist certainly doesn't risk being pigeon-holed musically...

The crowd brought her back after a standing ovation, and their reward was the beautiful "There's A Light", performed a Capella. 

You can pick up a copy of that by visiting her website, or consider one of her other albums. I'll be listening to a signed copy of Play myself, once this review is online..

Don't forget to check out The Calgary Folk Club, and if you get out there Nov. 8 & 9, you can catch The Canadian Folk Music Awards while they are here in Calgary!


Friday, October 25, 2013


I like ambling.

Ambling is of course a relaxed walk.

But there is also pre-amble, which I am not that sure of.

Is pre-amble where you get up from your chair, or get out of bed for a morning amble?

Is pre-amble critically necessary before a brisk amble?

I don't think I've ever heard of post-amble, which might be hoisting a pint in an Irish pub, or soaking in a hot tub after a vigorous amble, having forgotten to do a pre-amble beforehand.

Anyone have any thoughts of before and after ambling??

I'd be curious to know....


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Legendary Loretta Lynn, Live

Loretta Lynn
10 23 13
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

The Thursday Morning 
"Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" Entertainment Review: Loretta Lynn

There was one moment during last night's proceedings that time seemed to reverse - I could envision that we were watching the legendary country queen back during her heyday. Loretta Lynn looked fantastic, and sounded like she was still at the height of her decades-long career (she's currently celebrating 50 years in show business).

A class act through and through, as soon as she walked on stage and hit her first few notes, the crowd was quick to indicate the evening was going to be punctuated with loads of warm applause.

Going back as far as she does, you forget how many iconic songs that remain classics today came from her impressive songbook - not just the one she's most famous for - "Coal Miner's Daughter".

As you might expect, coming from a golden age of superstar entertainers, this was a slick production filled with humour, showcases for the backing musicians, and hit after hit.

At 81, she was only able to do about half the show standing up - but even seated her voice was clear and commanding. Never mind that with over 100 albums to her credit, whenever she asked the audience for requests her and her band were able to zip off into performing those without hesitation.

Like seeing Johnny Cash and June Carter with their family affair show years ago, Ms. Lynn allowed some showcasing for her twin daughters, who helped open the show.

The actual opening act though was up-and-coming Alberta star Brett Kissel, who I have written about here before when he appeared in the lineup for the Calgary flood aid concert Halo High Water.

Despite having a freshly-released album burning up the charts (along with a #1 hit), Kissel chose to respect the audience and performed a number of country classic covers from artists like Kenny Rogers and Kris Kristofferson - which had the crowd singing and clapping along like he was the headliner. Smooth move.

He did play a few appropriate numbers for the audience - hard to choose from when there isn't a bad cut on that new album of his. But he sure seemed to make a connection, especially closing off with a little Canadian country royalty in the late Hank Snow. Even better was when he customized the lyrics with Alberta references...



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Latest Humour Column

In a slight show of online irony, I posted here yesterday about how the recent Facebook outage threw me for such a loop.

I didn't realize at the time that my latest humour column had gone live online:

Maybe I Need To Take A Technology Course



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When Technology Fails...

Yesterday Facebook had an outage, or some other sort of operational failure. You would have thought I was having an operational failure as I tried frantically and repeatedly to have my posts appear, as they do every other day of the year. I finally gave up, but later learned on another social media site that there was a problem with Facebook, and not just my own account.

I post every day - over the many years that I've been blogging I have only ever missed a couple of days, and those were rare occasions, clearly. I've tried to maintain a daily presence on Twitter and Facebook, and that is about where I draw the line - if I started posting pictures on Instagram and recipes on Pinterest, I think some gentlemen in white suits might appear at my door - and my wife would bury her nose in a book, pretending not to know how those particular circumstances came about.

I seem to have been fighting with technology for at least half a decade now. That said, if I were a caveman, I'd be fighting with wonky rock hammers, three-sided wheels, or uncooperative fires. I try, and at some point I hope to at least control these cursed "modern advantages", but yesterday was clearly another sign that all of these things control us - I may never be singing on a mountaintop after a full week of effortless technology usage.

However, here I stand again this morning - SCREW YOU Technology - beat me down, I will just keep getting back up again.

What? Drama Queen??



(This posted, right???)

Monday, October 21, 2013

John Cleese: "Last Time To See Me Before I Die"

John Cleese
"Last Time To See Me Before I Die"
Jack Singer Concert Hall
Calgary Alberta

The Monday Morning "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" concert review:

John Cleese, "Last Time To See Me Before I Die"

I posted a tweet about two minutes before last night's show started, and it was about two minutes into the actual show that I was laughing so hard I was crying. This is what happens when a consummate showman not only shares video highlights from a brilliant career, but fills the rest of his two-hour one-man show with the stories behind those clips.

Monty Python snippets and behind-the-scenes memories? Check!

Fawlty Towers reminiscences, along with classic footage? Check Check!

Movies, career and personal stories?? In spades.

Despite referring to an apparently unnecessary prompter on the wall in front of the mezzanine seats, Cleese never stumbled for a second as his clips and photographs synced perfectly with hilarious recollections of how his career was a blend of what he referred to as simply luck - getting discovered by the late David Frost, making a star out of Marty Feldman by urging him away from the writing desk and out in front of the cameras - last night's performance was more like a rare opportunity to sit one-on-one with the gentleman as he reflected on TV & film scenes most people can recite back word for word.

Relaxed and hilarious, Cleese had the audience in the palm of his hands as he walked us along the path of his comedy life, from the small town he grew up in in England to explaining the importance of dark humour and taking risks with comedy. Plus how good luck can reward you when you are hard at work doing what you are meant to be doing.

What we were meant to be doing last night was sitting exactly where we were - that's the kind of luck that makes for one unforgettable evening...


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do Animals Tip?

I wonder - are we the only species that tips after meals?

After a bear yanks a salmon out of the water, does he have to drop some sort of forest currency back into the water?

When a cougar brings down a...oh, I don't think this is appropriate blogging material for a Sunday morning - not a pretty picture at all!

My humble apologies, please go back to your bacon and eggs, and don't even for a minute picture how those items arrived on your breakfast plate.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

Howdy hoomans!

Hey, lookit tha piktchur!

I'm half in tha bag!!

Get it??
Half in tha bag....


Well, ah thought it wuz funny....

Cluck fer now...

Friday, October 18, 2013

What's Up, Back???

I'm not sure what I may or may not have done, but my back went out yesterday morning. A couple of days ago I had twinges for a couple of days, but yesterday whenever I made a wrong move it was like a large group of football place-kickers simultaneously punting my lower back.

It was certainly a attention getter. One minute I would be talking to someone, the next I would be doubled over in pain. By the time I went to pick up Mrs That Dan Guy, I was having rather constant spasms that repeatedly stopped me in my tracks - not to use a Canadian stereotype that we are all lumberjacks or anything - but I did stop in my tracks frequently...

We picked up some over-the-counter back pain meds, and a portable heating pad which I am testing right now, and I do feel a bit better.

I'll be proceeding carefully, but I think I may be on the mend. As long as I don't bend. Or have to fend. A helping hand I will not be able to lend.

Better run now - may be more delirious than I thought...


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long-Term Options For Pesky Debt Ceilings

I'll be honest here - I'm no architect. When I hear about things like "debt ceilings", I imagine it must be just another choice, like cathedral or vaulted ceiling.

However, there also seems to be great negativity around these debt ceilings, so I thought I would offer a few suggestions as to some ways to perhaps spruce up, or at least make them a little more enjoyable...

1) What is it about debt ceilings that are so unpopular? Does the stipple or popcorn fall off into coffee cups while you are sitting under one? Easy fix! Scrape those bumpy little things off, and paint the dang thing copper, so that it resembles the exterior of a church or heritage-style business building...

2) Add actual copper cladding - in addition to making your debt ceiling look tres fashionable, it is unlikely to do whatever it is that turns copper green outdoors. There is a word to describe that process, but I'm only on my first cup of coffee, so my Google skills are compromised...

3) Paint a mural on your debt ceiling - the mural wall went out of style in the 1970's, but people still travel billions of miles to see Michael Angelo's ceiling murals in the Sixteen Chapels. Imagine making a few extra dollars inviting guests in to your own home, for your adorable ceiling murals of rabbits, or Star Wars characters in an epic battle recreation!

4) Glass roof, glass ceiling! Imagine...why has no else thought of this before???

5) Artificial (silk) plants - you could create a literal jungle/landscape if you adhered silk plants to your ceiling - you'd never have to look at another unattractive debt ceiling again, in any room of your home! One room could feature a sprawling savannah of natural grasses - another could employ whimsical weeds and shoots. The best part? They would never get dusty hanging upside down, the dust would just keep falling off!!

So there you have it. If you are truly unhappy about a debt ceiling, just consider a frugal or practical way to freshen it up. You may never have to be bothered by one again!!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where Did I Put My Glasses??

In what could be misunderstood as a follow-up to yesterday's column on feeling aged, I must set the record straight.

I'm looking for my glasses to drink from - but I now realize they are right where we always keep them - in the cupboard.

Carry on!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old Man Dan... :-(

It's official - I am now a grizzled old fart.....

Sure, there were other clues along the way - diabetes, trifocals, orthotics...

But my biggest clue was this past weekend, where I boasted (after watching the song performed on The Voice) that I could play House Of The Rising Sun on my guitar, behind my head.

Just playing that song is no big deal, it comes pre-installed on every guitar you can buy. Playing it behind my head was a party trick I picked up while I was still a teen, so imagine the ladies I used to attract with THAT little gimmick!!

Actually, I was also a 5-star nerd, so even turning lead into gold would have been of nominal interest to girls back in the day....however, the guitar bit was fun to roll out whenever I was able to.

Last night, thanks to a diabetes-related shoulder condition, I discovered that I could no longer raise my hands about my shoulders, let alone stretch them back far enough to strum a guitar resting backwards on my neck. This probably also means that my days of dancing to Y-M-C-A are over....

Guess now I have to add another herbal supplement to my daily routine, or try stretching to limber my antiquated old arse up a bit - if it gets any worse, I won't even be able to lift soda pop to my lips!!

With age comes wisdom, but also the flexibility of the Tin Man. If you're going to throw me a baseball, keep it low, Bub....


Monday, October 14, 2013

Turkey Diary, October 14th

Dear Diary,

What a great day! I got an invite to dinner, AND there's even a free makeover before the meal!! When does that ever happen?

Must be some makeover - I'm going to be sedated during the process - talk about deep cleansing!!

Well, they put people out for dental work, why not for a vigorous massage and mani/pedi??

Kind of been feeling like a pampered king lately anyhow - I've been getting these huge daily packages delivered to my home for the past few months, filled with a variety of heavy, rich foods! Pasta, meat and potatoes - and lots of sugary treats! I swear I've put on like 20 pounds!!

Oh well, I got a few more months before I have to make a New Year's resolution - I'll drop those pounds in 2014!!

Gotta get ready - for some reason the makeover is HOURS before dinner - I'll post all about it here tomorrow!!

See Ya!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger, activist and humanitarian Charlie Chicken...)

Hoomans, ah needs ta be VERY sirius here today...


Taday juss happens ta be Canadian Nashumal Appreciate Yer Poultry Day, an I'm here ta defend mah fellow feathered friends....


Ah wanna enkooridge alla yah ta try sumthin different this weekend. Rather than loppin' the proud noggin offa sum helpless bird that never did YOU no wrong, an poppin' him or her in tha oven with apples and bread crumbs stuffed in their entrails space - -why not considder a delightfu peanut butter an jelly sadnwich???


Instead a rippin' cooked flesh offa a otherwise formerly athletic turkey leg, how's about sum pinto beans and spam???

Nobody gets hurt, everyone's happy, and mebbe sum day a noble turkey may even save your life in return, thanks yu very much!

We are all famly, ya know - so please consider gravy may go juss as well with some boiled dandelions, or even a possum - who needs them, really? I don't think they wur even sapposed ta get an invitation when tha ark was sendin' them out...


Appreciate Yer Poultry, people. We're all birds uv sum kinda feather....

Cluck fer now!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Calgary Folk Club October 11, 2013

Calgary Folk Club
October 11, 2013
Gordie MacKeeman & his Rhythm Boys
100 Mile House

The Saturday Morning 
"Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" (Noon-ish) Entertainment Review:  

Calgary Folk Club,
October 11, 2013
Gordie MacKeeman & his Rhythm Boys

 100 Mile House

Having caught their very brief contribution to the Alberta Flood Aid concert at McMahon Stadium earlier this year, I was anxious to hear more from 100 Mile House, the Edmonton act that opened up last night's Calgary Folk Club festivities. 

These award-winning troubadours have been picking up awards and nominations for their albums and songwriting for some time now, so it was no big surprise that by the end of their set, they had the crowd on their collective feet for a standing ovation, and well-deserved encore...

Husband/wife duo Peter Stone & Denise MacKay, along with violin and mandolin backing from Scott Zubot last night also had some assistance from cellist Andrea Case in recreating songs from their albums, including new release "Wait With Me" (soon to be spinning in my car while I drive around on weekend shopping chores). Many songs were a blend of fun and elegance, making songs like "London" and "Better, Still" fast favourites with the audience. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good photo of Ms. Case, as there was a mic stand in the way from where I was seated. However, her contribution certainly enhanced what was already an exceptional collection of songs from a group you will want to discover, if you haven't already heard of them.

Check out 100 Mile House here.

Gordie MacKeeman & his Rhythm Boys

Exploding onstage to wrap up the night with two sets of high energy were PEI barnstormers Gordie MacKeeman & his Rhythm boys. 

I have no idea what their opening song was named, but with heavy retro-rock influences that returned frequently during their performance, I was struggling to come with a clever term to describe some of their uptempo style.

Celtic Slap & Thunder??

Lobster Rockabilly???

Regardless, with an upright bass, heavy snare work, and what looked like a vintage lead guitar, you could have easily compared these gentleman to an East Coast version of The Stray Cats after that opening tune.

Aside from namesake Gordie MacKeeman's skill on the ever-present fiddle, as they quickly verged into showcases of reels and old time waltzes, in addition to originals that proved them impossible to pigeon-hole in any one style. 

Despite lots of retro early rock sounds (and nice tremelo from that aforementioned guitar), the Stray Cats comparison is a bit unfair. These gentleman are entirely Canadian in their approach, bringing a Barenaked Ladies combination of charm, humour, and talent to the stage. Each member seemed to take up a variety of instruments at any given time - the drummer hopping onto the bass, the bassist hauling out a banjo - even Mr. MacKeeman setting aside his fiddle to strum a guitar in one song.

The Canadian aspect was happily extended to some of their tributes to iconic artists, like Don Messer - but they also paid tribute to acts from around the world with suitable selections to highlight why this style of music endures, and connects with such a worldwide audience.

You also can't fake that kind of sincerity - when the group stopped by the CD table to sign discs and meet fans during their break, they exuded East Coast warmth - genuine folks....

And award-winners as well! The group has a 2012 Galaxie Supernova award for Outstanding Live Performance. 

Find Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys online here, and maybe pick up a copy of "Pickin' N Clickin'" while you're at it. If you seem them coming to a town near you, don't miss out!

And remember to come on out to The Calgary Folk Club yourself!



Friday, October 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Flawtography: Queen Latifah

I read in the newspaper yesterday that Queen Latifah is getting strong ratings with her new talk show, some days even as high as Ellen Degeneres for her terrific show.

Well, congrats Ms. Queen Latifah!

In your honour, I am posting a picture that I took when we saw you live in Radio City Music Hall for the amazing Mandela Day celebration that was held there a few years ago.

This wasn't a hastily snapped photo either, like I've had to do in the past when over-zealous security guards pounce on fans just trying to "capture the moment".

No, that is literally my skill level when I point and click...


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

He Rocks In The Treetops, All The Day Long

Hoppin' and a Boppin' and a-singin' his song:


(Is that really the name of a song? Well, that's for the birds...)


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

Howdy hoomans!

Good Saterdey mornin' ta yah all!!

I's juss gettin' fitted fer a new pair a jeans at Carter's Gently Used Books & Blue Jeans - a bit eklektik, but tha prices sure is gud!!


Az winter is gittin' closer, ah needs a new pair a bib overalls - hence the line-up a denim - sweet, smooth denim...


Muss be ma farm roots, ah duz luv me a good pair a loose bib overalls....


Wunder where ah packed mah straw hat....

Cluck fer now - gotta git meazured!!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Canadian Folk Music Awards @folkawards

Fans of Canada's folk music scene that live in the Calgary area have a real treat coming up in November - the annual Canadian Folk Music Awards are being held here this year!

Unfortunately I had to miss the press conference that was held recently to announce the nominees, but the strong field of contenders this year can be viewed by clicking here.

That also redirects you to the Canadian Folk Music Awards main site, so you will have a wealth of information to read over, and hey - they are on Twitter, so follow along to stay informed!

Two days of showcases will be held at The Calgary Folk Club, and if you have not yet discovered this robust local gem, you really need to take the next few weeks to check that particular venue out, and confirm that you won't want to miss being there November 8th and 9th to support the talent that will be showcased.

It all wraps up November 10 at a big gala hosted by CBC's Shelagh Rogers, and musician Benoit Bourgue - those tickets (for the U of C University Theatre) are available by following this link...

You just can't go wrong planning to support this event and these artists - this will prove to be an amazing weekend of Canadian talent, no doubt in my mind...

Hey, you don't have to just trust me here - check out this recent Calgary Herald feature that followed the press conference, and decide for yourself.

Folk music really is where most music comes from - open yourself to what you may have been missing!



Thursday, October 03, 2013

Posturing Penguins

Those uppity penguins - who are they kidding??

Waddling around in their natural tuxedos, looking like they are so high and mighty among the other dwellers of the animal world...

How do we really know that they are so highfalutin??

I'll bet if you peeled back the curtain, you'd discover that these flightless birds aren't so special after all. We all have skeletons in the closet, and I'm sure there would at least be a wide variety of fish bones in the average penguin's domicile!

Some could be hoarders. Others could have gambling problems. I'll bet some penguins have even been known to hoist a few too many pints! Just having a formal dress code that you can't take off at night doesn't qualify you for sainthood!

Those beady little eyes...the big flat feet...they've got criminal written all over them!

Just sayin'....


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Analytics For Week Of October 1

This may be relevant and exciting only to myself, but I am pretty stoked by my blog stats as depicted by Google Analytics.

Of my top five posts this morning, four are my reviews!

1) Christopher Plummer at Banff Centre
2) Calgary Folk Club, Season Opener
3) Calgary Folk Club, Last Week's show
4) The Platters

The Platters???

Go figure - that shows people are snooping through the archives, which makes me even happier.

And, my site views have about doubled, so I really need to keep ramping up my efforts, an dquick stuffing in filler on slow days.

Like I'm doing today...



PS - I realize I have not heard from Charlie as yet - he was bumped both weekend days. Calm before the storm???

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Blogger Memory Lane: October 1, 2007


On this very day in 2007, I awoke to write a review about having seen a Canadian treasure perform live - the gentleman that wrote "My Way" for Frank Sinatra.

Has it been that long since we saw him live? I guess so - here's the review:

Paul Anka

During the show, he came out into the audience, and I got to shake his hand. The very hand that composed so many hits for himself and other artists over the decades.

Still haven't washed my hand since - which may explain why I seem to have some constant tingling there...