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Friday, November 30, 2007

Holy Toledo!!

It’s almost flippin’ December! What happened to November? I had big pans for this month.

Ha! I think I’ll leave that typo in. Big pans. Yessir, I had really big pans in November, and we cooked up all kinds of wonderful meals in them. The best one may have been German sausages, simmered in melted cheese, with cornmeal muffins.

As for any PLANS I may have had for November, well – that’s all water under the fridge now. Although, we did have a rather hectic month, what with a few road trips and other commitments.

I also found out this month that Stitches, The Journal Of Medical Humour folded. Over the years, I’ve had a number of pieces published in that national magazine, and they had accepted two more pieces prior to deceasing. That would go a long way to explaining why I haven’t seen a copy of those pieces, or more importantly, the dough that accompanies them.


Well, back to the drawing board. That means I’ve got two more pieces that may find life elsewhere. I just have to find a magazine with the similar medical slant that those guys preferred in their submissions.

They were pretty whimsical though. I don’t think they’d fit in Cadaver Monthly….

Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Miller, The Draft Genuine

Might Tickle That Girl

Must Toss Dis Gum

Mighty Teeth Dent Grape

More Terrific Dashing Guy (hmm...not a bad new title for this page...)

Mucho Terrible Dancing Guy

Many Threads Do Gather

Merit The Dog Thunder (?????)

My Throat Does Gargle

Money This, Doogie Guy!! (????)

Mundane Thoughts, Done Gooder

My Theory Decrees Grandeur

Must These Dimwitties Go (on)????

Chow for now!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have decided that I am able to foretell the future. I’ve probably had “the gift” all along, I just wasn’t attuned to it. All the years that I’ve read my daily horoscope may have sharpened it a bit, but as of this moment, I am willing to put my powers to use, for the benefit of mankind.

So, with a bold statement like that, you’re probably expecting some sort of proof of these amazing powers. Well, you’re gonna have to go whistle, because this morning, my muse is weak, like the coffee I accidentally made by running the same grinds through the coffee maker from yesterday. Boy, I should have been able to see THAT coming, being able to tell the future and all…

However, weakened as I am, I can still toss out a few noodles, so as to dazzle and impress you:

-The Calgary Flames will lose another game, very soon.
-Charlie D. Chicken will appear in this very space, Saturday morning.
-Our milk will go sour in exactly two weeks.
-I will be rejected during my audition for Yodel Idol.
-This spring, many species of birds will migrate back to this country.
-Mrs. That Dan Guy will have a bad hair day sometime next week, and will kick an empty Kleenex box in abject frustration.
-Every morning for the next week, I will eat a cookie after I arise.
-Britney Spears will be videotaped passing gas in court.
-On Saturday, Dec. 1, there will be a point in the day where clocks read 12:34 PM for 60 full seconds.
-Within five minutes of finishing today’s blog, I will walk into a wall or a coffee table.

Amazing, eh?? I know, I’m like that Amazing Crestor guy that used to be on TV. I vow that I will never use my powers for personal gain.

But I may use them to avoid banging into those coffee tables…

Chow for now!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We have achieved snow here in Calgary, and this time it looks like it might stay – at least until a balmy Chinook breezes in, and melts it away/makes flowers sprout/causes the lawn to begin growing again/generally makes things nice and warm again. We love our Chinooks. Hey, wouldn’t that be a great name for a hockey team??

So, I must now confess that we have just returned from a very short, short, short return trip to Winterpeg, which coincided with their loss in the Grey Cup final. For anyone we didn’t get to see, we sincerely apologize, but between the lack of time, and the flippin’ snow that was coming down Monday – well, we just didn’t get to make as many rounds this time. On the plus side (depending on your perspective), we will be back.

Our flight back home yesterday was on a primitive puddle-jumper. No TV, not even music channels. You can even watch TV while horseback riding now, so I don’t know what we did wrong to get ripped off so badly. Even the in-flight magazines (I would normally ignore aside from being a good place to dispose of my used chewing gum) were non-existent. I might have actually tried to read one, and learn about some exotic vacation destination that the airline flies to, masquerading as a piece of composition. They’re crafty, those in-flight magazines…

So, we ended up playing the sole game that comes installed on our Blackberry handhelds – an updated version of Pong. Which for the record, I have mastered months ago. And which Mrs. That Dan Guy whupped my caboose after just a few tries, almost doubling my highest score. I should have recognized all the signs (no TV, no music, no hope), and known that I was doomed from the get-go…

Chow for now!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Bummer, man. I had so much confidence that my hometown (original hometown, not the two most recent hometowns) Winnipeg Blue Bombers were going to slaughter the Green Team from Saskatchewan. And yet, they did not – falling to defeat in the championship game. I am crushed, a broken man. It is entirely unlikely anything will bring cheer back to me, today.

Hey, I’ve got Rice Krispy Square for breakfast!! Yowza! Yabba Dabba Doooooooo!!!!!

Happy days are here again!

So, now I have absolutely NO sporting events to get excited about until the Stanley Cup playoffs, later this summer. I don’t follow pro cricket, volleyball, Nascar, lacrosse, dodgeball, tennis, golf, pillow-fighting, badminton, horseshoes, basketball, or hopscotch. I do watch a bit of poker, but some would suggest that’s not really a sport. To them I say – fooey! I can’t really back that up with an explanation, but how often do you get to say fooey, anyhow??

Chow for now!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Go Bombers!!

Today is the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup final - and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to whip some Saskatchewan patootie later this afternoon!

Of course, I'm rooting for the Bombers because we're from Winnipeg originally, but I'd be lying if I didn't say we rooted for B.C. when we lived there, and currently cheer on the Calgary Stampeders, seeing as how we hang our cowboy hats there, these days. Flexibility is handy, when one moves relatively frequently...

So, for any Canadian sports fans, this is a day that could be compared to the U.S. Super Bowl, or Sweden's Skittles Finale. It's big. Huge. Like seeing Lionel Ritchie live in the 80's.

You know, we've never seen Lionel Ritchie live. Wonder if he still tours??

At any rate, sometime this evening the Blue Bombers will be hoisting the championship trophy, and we'll know deep in our hearts that our support was instrumental in that success. All in a day's work, here at Such Is Life.

Chow for now!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chicken Scratch
Daddy's gonna need some quiet time today.....
The roomies went out to an office Christmas party last night. Which left me alone here in the coop. Found a stash, and the rest is history. Me noggin is foggin'...
Oh comes my breakfast burrito!!!
Cluck for now!!

Friday, November 23, 2007




Sheesh. What’s a person gotta do to get a little service around here?? I could use a muffin, or a fresh sticky bun, if you’re not doing anything better than plunking your caboose into a chair over there!!

Alright, who am I to get crabby? I’ll just go downstairs and get myself a dry old soda cracker, or lick a discarded banana peel – I’ll survive.

Be right back…

OK, where were we? Oh yeah, entirely aimless, and without a point…

So, now that we’ve put on our exterior Christmas lights, more sheep are folding into the flock. I’ve spotted several more homes lit up now – more and more every night as we return home. Pretty soon, the whole dang street will look like a mini-Las Vegas strip – but without signs boasting Tom Jones’ pending performance.

Who by the way, is coming to Calgary. We’ll pass on seeing him, as we already have. Way back when we still used to live in Winnipeg. Terrific show. The man has pipes.

Our current concert calendar is a little barren right now. I don’t think we have any shows coming up until December. I could go into withdrawals at any time.

Well, this has certainly been a monumental waste of everyone’s time today. My humble apologies. I really should have my second cup of coffee before I sit down to do this.

Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just for the sake of it, I decided to check my website hits yesterday, and found that the number was 2222.


There’s that wacky number thing again! The only thing that would have been spookier was if I had done it today (the 22nd), and that phenomenon occurred.

Maybe I should’ve bought a lottery ticket, or at least driven to the closest poker table to try my luck. I just don’t know what it is - me and those recurring and/or sequential numbers.

Hey, here’s another set of numbers that sums up my thoughts so far on Microsoft’s new operating system, Vista – 0000. What a piece of…it’s just …the thing is…

What can I say? Who am I kidding? It blows.

But, that could just be me. I have trouble with my electric can opener, so I’ll admit that I may be the one lacking the necessary skills. Who cares if you have to reboot the computer three or four times, just to check for new e-mails? It’s new and improved – there’s going to be a few little glitches!

Who cares if the new operating system is only compatible with brand-new Microsoft software and hardware? I really wasn’t all that fond of my peripherals anyway. You don’t have to bend my arm too hard to get me to agree to buying a new printer, digital camera, speakers, keyboard, mouse, screensaver, modem, router, power bar, blank CD-RW’S, Microsoft™-approved #2 Pencil, Microsoft™-approved ballpoint pen with Vista logo, floppy disks, headphones, Microsoft™-approved recycled white printer paper, and a complete rewiring of my home office, just so that I can be Vista compatible. It’s a small price to pay. I’m a team player, after all.

Even if the team is The Seattle Pirates

Chow for now!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The last couple of mornings have been awfully brutal on this old fart. I’ve had to get up HALF AN HOUR earlier than normal!!

Mrs. That Dan Guy has had a two-day symposium thingy she has had to attend, clear across town, at this ungodly early-morning hour. Rather than hop on a city bus at 4:00 AM, I’ve amended my own schedule, to drive her in to this shindig. What, you can’t learn anything if you start at 10:00??????

So, at great personal sacrifice to my own military-styled daily regimen, I am rearranging my mornings to accommodate this variation to our daily lives:

- No more lounging with a coffee, scanning the morning paper – I guess I’ll have to hear about the Russians attacking on the car radio…
- No time to sit and soak in the morning news – I suppose I can always find out after the rest of the civilized world if the recently hospitalized Olsen twin will begin to intake solid foods once again…
- No more healthy breakfast, a staple of my morning for years. Now, I’m forced to grab a muffin on the run, or worse yet – take my chances in some restaurant. The sacrifices I’m willing to make for this lady’s schedule…sigh…
- No more primping in front of the mirror before we leave the house. Actually, that’s probably a good thing…

So, better run. MTDG is almost ready, and her chariot must await!!

Chow for now!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have succumbed to peer pressure, and last night officially lit our outdoor Christmas lights.

I’m such a sheep. I could have easily waited until my Dec. 1 self-imposed start date, but driving home from the airport Sunday night, we passed literally dozens of homes, aglow in the pleasurable illumination of Christmas decorations.

I see also that my humble display (one strip of mini-lights along the garage roofline) is woefully inadequate, sort of like a guy dressed in a silver suit, holding a 40-watt bulb outside a Las Vegas casino. I am currently under-Christmased…

So, what to do? We have a few inanimate decorations we put outside as well, like a wooden snowman, but maybe this is the year I have to purchase one of those 10’ inflatable snow globes, with a turbine fan that makes the inflatable carollers inside appear to move to the accompanying Christmas music soundtrack, played on weatherproof outdoor speakers?

Maybe this is the year I get arrested by a representative from PETA, for tying live reindeer up to the front entry of our home, decorated with live flashing Xmas lights on their antlers, and a questionable elf offering rides. Make your own joke there…

I wish I could be strong, but looking at the animated snowman across the street, and the elaborate d├ęcor of our neighbour’s yards, I just know that I’ll be slipping into our local Canadian Tire, and bringing home something that will cause Mrs. That Dan Guy to slap her forehead in absolute disbelief.

Tis the season!!

Chow for now!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I had started to write an entirely different post this morning, but as I was typing out the last sentence for today’s blog, Windows decided to “update” my computer. I didn’t think fast enough to save the post, which may or may not appear tomorrow. Right now, I’m so pissed off at Windows I could throw their friggin’ system out of a real window…

We’ve upgraded to Vista, the newest system required to use a PC, the reason for which is pretty much a new operating system means brand-new stretch BMW’s all around, at Microsoft. If there’s any advantage to this new system, I have yet to see it. This is the second time I’ve lost a document due to the system needing to reboot with a "necessary" update. You just get rattled when the computer suddenly asks you to save something you’re still working on, so I hit cancel, and then it’s too late. Most computer viruses aren’t as efficient as Vista in screwing up what I’m working on.

You may be able to read between the lines here – I hate this flippin’ operating system, no matter what they feel may have improved since XP – which by the way happened to work just fine. But, if PC users all stayed on a system too long, there would be no new stretch BMW’s in Seattle, and The Grinch (or the terrorists) would win.

So, as a computer user, the minor sacrifice I have to occasionally make by losing the entire effort I have expended is a small price to pay, to keep Starbucks’ drive-thrus alive and vibrant in Washington state.

Why in God’s name didn’t I switch to Apple when I had the chance……………..

Chow for now!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The whirlwind return to Kelowna is almost done…

Mrs. That Dan Guy & I have been back in Kelowna (where we lived for 13 or so years), for a presentation I was invited to speak at, here at the local regional library.

The bulk of the hair I used to have, while we lived here, remained absent…

The first night, we checked in to our hotel room, then raced off to a local watering hole (while they may actually serve water there, none of us was buyin’ it, if ya know what I mean…), to meet up with colleagues and former co-workers of MTDG. That was a blast, getting to see the old gang. Not “gang” like The Switchblade Skullcaps, more “gang” like “group”.

Sorry, and not “group” like Fleetwood Mac, more “group” like…oh for Pete’s sake, you know what I mean!!

At any rate, after a great visit with those folks, we returned to our hotel room, where we grabbed a few zzz’s, before getting up to get ready for my presentation.

To kill time until she was going to join me, MTDG happened to find (of all things) a casino, right beside the large downtown hotel, close to the library.

All right, I’m totally kidding here – we’ve always knew that the casino was there.

At any rate, she managed to pick up a few bucks over the half hour she had to kill, and returned with a little extra spring in her step, in time to catch my presentation.

Which went really, really well, aside from having to cut it by half, due to other parts of the morning running overtime. No big deal, I roll with the punches, even if they are just metaphorical. It was a good group of library supporters, which I support heartily myself. I had a ball, and there was enough laughter coming from the audience to assure me they may have, as well.

From the library event, we were off to visit with family we have out here, first time we’ve seen them in over a year.

First time they’ve seen my scalp, ever…

We had a good, long visit with them, until we felt it was necessary to get back here to our room, and crash. We’ve got a brunch date with some other friends, then we’re off to the airport, back to Calgary. Whirlwind tour, loads of fun!!

Chow for now!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chicken Scratch

Holy cluckin’ Toledo!! These turkeys did it again!!

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed Banjo Boy quietly packin’ up a suitcase, and paddin’ out to the garage. So, I hopped inta some carry-on luggage, and sure as shootin’ – once we picked up the Mrs. - we’re off to the pluckin’ airport!!


Soon enough, we land in some joint called “Kelowna”. I ain’t been here before, but it looks pretty nice.

The timing of the trip stinks though. I had a buddy that was supposed to stop by a couple of days ago, and I ain’t heard a peep from him. As mice goes, he’s OK, but I wish he woulda called to say he was runnin’ behind…

Well, I’ll have to make the best of it. While my roommates are snoozin’, I’m gonna head down to the restaurant in this here hotel, and try an’ order some eggs and toast – that always freaks out the servers!!


Cluck for now!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh brother…

Well, as it turns out, PETA may have been the least of my worries, regarding my recent do-it-yourself garage extermination…

During a preliminary investigation, something came up that I may have neglected to mention in yesterday’s posting. Namely, the little feller was lying (harder than a railroad spike) BESIDE the trap, not actually in it.

Now, you’d suspect that NOT being “whacked” inside a trap might be more humane, but the investigators are making noises about how this uninvited rodent may have had a weak heart, which gave out when the trap was set off, without him in it. As you might imagine, it literally spooked the intestinal waste right out of him. You may also choose NOT to imagine that...

I should have known something was awry when I made the transfer from garage floor to garbage bag. Namely, I didn’t have to release Marvin from the trap. He was deceased, to be sure, but any fool could have determined he had not succumbed to trap-related injuries, rather he may have (in his final moments) been quietly proclaiming: “Elizabeth…this is the big one…”

If all THAT weren’t bad enough, a representative from the local Tom Cat Union (TCU) stopped by yesterday afternoon, to inform me that an official inquiry has begun within THEIR organization, as I may have taken work away from a unionized neighbourhood cat. And a meal, it goes without saying – which is probably the real issue here, if they were to be entirely truthful with me…

So, as seems to be typical when it comes to me and animals, I’m up to my armpits in manure.

On the bright side, new traps have been mouse-free since Marvin’s removal…

Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse…

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve incurred the wrath of PETA, but after last night’s brief appearance as “The Mousinator”, I may have to start looking over my shoulder again.

It’s the time of year that critters are looking for warm accommodations, and last night, Mrs. That Dan Guy went into the garage, and (much to her dismay) discovered one of those critters, scampering along the floor.

Mustering up all her pluck and will, she ran back inside the house, and insisted I come downstairs. Which I did, being well-trained in voice modulation (when your spouse has a voice as high as a mouse's, you can bet there may be one in the immediate vicinity).

Between gasps of air, she described the scenario – small, furry rodent, garage.

It’s been many years since I’ve had to assume my “Mousinator” identity, and I’m happy to report that my costume still fit. Not much of a stretch, what with it being a pair of long underwear, with an old pillowcase for a cape. Although, it may have stretched a bit more than it has in past years...

Whatever. The point is, I went about my cold-blooded business, and here is where the squeamish may want to exit (or anyone associated especially with PETA).

Wheels were set in motion that spelled doom for the uninvited meece. Plans had been laid that would bring an abrupt end to active rodentry.

Cheese, desired for centuries by discerning mice, would play a crucial role in ending Mickey Junior’s inspection of our garage…

Within mere minutes of implementing “Mousinator”, we had achieved success.

A brief service was held this morning, which coincidentally happens to be garbage pickup day.

We will remain vigilant…

Chow for now!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have to confess here, I’m not a morning person.

Not one bit. Not one iota. Mrs. That Dan Guy generally has to go through an elaborate series of wake-up calls and coaxing with pastries to get me out of bed every morning. I’m worse than a four-year old.

Which always make me grin a bit every morning as I sit in front of this screen, and tap out these nutty little pieces. For one thing, I typically don’t even have both eyes open while I’m doing it.

I know, I know – most often it reads like I have BOTH eyes closed while I’m writing this stuff. That actually might be an improvement I should consider trying…

But that’s the idea. I do this to empty my mind, which I suppose begs the question – what exactly gets in there, overnight???? Also, what pastries are offered, to lure me out of bed?


Chow for now!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Comforting news, watching TV lately…

More specifically, those “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials. For my money - a fun ad campaign, but also right-on-the-money with poking shots at Windows latest operating system – Vista.

The PC guy in those commercials is trying to stem the flow of Windows clients switching back to Windows XP, and I can believe that he ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. Vista may appear to be a slick new operating system, in the same way that a 2008 Citron looks like a new car, but acts more like a tart yellow fruit.

To be honest, I don’t even know if they make Citrons anymore, but it seemed like an appropriate comparison. Vista sucks. Vista blows. Vista is about as competent as an appendectomy performed by a jittery kangaroo. Actually, the jittery kangaroo has a better chance of performing an appendectomy than Vista has…well, you get my point.

Don’t get me wrong! Vista looks slick enough. It’s just that any program or hardware you’ve gotten used to over the past year, sort-of may not work with Vista. Sort-of, like highly unlikely, unless you surf the Google for frantic updates every other computer organization has had to develop, to fix compatibility issues. I can now print again, after “upgrading” a relatively new printer with software that Vista deems to recognize. Happy day…

But perhaps I rant here. The clock and calendar that appears on my desktop is a fine replacement for actually being able to use software I picked up 3 months ago, now unrecognizable by Vista. The spinning circle is completely captivating, as I await any of my functions to commence. This may have been invented with cats in mind, it’s like a virtual ball of yarn.

But again, perhaps I rant. For now, I’ll see how long I last with this “improved” Windows operating system. And, I’ll enjoy those “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials even more than I used to…

Chow for now!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Whewhoo! Late start to today’s edition. Humble apologies, we’re just taking a really lazy long weekend.

As a matter of fact, we haven’t gotten out of our p-jammies since Saturday morning. Completely dishevelled and unshaven, and I look even worse than her!!

As a matter of fact, even the dog has taken to passing us with a wide circle of avoidance.

Note to self: find out whose dog that is…

We’ll have to come to life at some point. I should have been working on stuff this weekend, and Mrs. That Dan Guy had originally planned to go into the office for a while. Looks like Cheezies and chocolate-covered almonds for brunch instead!!!

Interestingly enough, no solicitors knocking on the door, or telemarketers pestering us either, which is a pretty good long weekend, if I do say so myself.

Hey, I wonder if we missed The Price Is Right? We really shouldn’t have slept in so late.

And we really should have let that dog out earlier…

Note to self: Did we get a dog? I don’t remember getting a dog…

Well, what’s done is done. We’re up pretty much at the crack of noon, and the whole…um…afternoon is our oyster. Now we just have to shuck it.

That’s not a bad idea, after all.

Just shuck it…

Chow for now!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I’ve written here before about my propensity to frequently see consecutive or multiple numbers:

1 2 3 4, 11:11, stuff like that. Most often on clocks or timers.

I’m not the only person that this happens to. If you surf the Google with 11:11, you’ll find all sorts of crackpots…um, I mean all sorts of interesting theories about coincidental numbers. Most common of all – it’s a gateway for alien visitations.


Whatever the occurrence means, I’ve been experiencing this for years. I’ll be working away, and glance up at a clock, and see that it’s 3:33.

Or, I’ll be making lunch, and glance at the stove, only to see the digital display reading 12:34.

Or, I’ll be in front of a slot machine, and suddenly 7 7 7 will appear. On the machine beside the one I’m playing… One thing for sure, this numerical quirk of mine isn’t related to wealth…

So, what is it all really about? I have no clue. But if there is some sort of cosmic importance, I always figure that today is one of the pivotal days of the year for this thing, as it happens to be 11/11.

And so, I wait. I wait for Ed McMahon to knock on my door with The Prize Patrol, or a representative of the Oreo Cookie Company, delivering my lifetime supply of those new cake cookies.

By late afternoon, I will remember that this thing generally doesn’t involve monetary windfalls, and dive headfirst into a bag of potato chips.

It ain’t pretty…

On a related note, don't forget to remember those who have fought for our freedom today.

Chow for now!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chicken Scratch

AK AK AK AK AK AK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whewhoo!!! Captain Charlie swoopin’ in, Top Gun!!

Hey humans! Ole Charlie’s just relivin’ his air force days, what with Remembrance Day/Memorial Day coming up this weekend.

Every year, I dig up the ole uniform, and take a few runs around the house. Brings back a lotta memories…


Betcha never knew I wuz a Top Gun once!
I know, I know, I’m a hot stud, a chick magnet that pretty much lives the life of luxury, but there was a time when I had hot aviation oil streamin’ down my beak, and the high-pitched whine of turbo engines rattlin’ my pinfeathers. I don’t like to brag, but I coulda even been a hero!

Exceptin’ that I served during a lengthy run of peace time, and it was only for a few months, until the powers that be figured out I could barely see over the dashboard of the fighter jets…cluckin’ low seats…


OK, so I almost crashed the plane into a apple tree – It coulda happened to anyone, even someone that didn’t have to sit on a phone book to see…

They may have discharged me, but they couldn’t discharge the pluckin’ pride I took in being part of…part of…the people that fly airplanes, in uniforms.

This Sunday, remember all the people that still do, in places not so safe.


Cluck for now!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hey there boys and girls! Only 46 more days until Christmas!! Here’s hoping Santa visits each and every one of us, and that he has a better budget for portable electronic devices this year. I’ve waited long enough for an i-pod!!!

The past few evenings, we’ve been rerouted around a blocked roadway, in downtown Calgary. We noticed a line-up of movie trailers, and a few more catering trailers, and Mrs. That Dan Guy surmised that maybe there was a movie shooting in town.

Well, reading the paper the other day, I discovered that former Beverly Hills 90210 star Jason Priestley is in our burg, directing a movie. With another one of his former 90210 cast-mates – one of the female co-stars. Josie something - I think she has a last name similar to a vacuum manufacturer.

So there you have it – fame and tumbleweed, together in Cowtown. Read into that statement whatever you will…

Seeing that it’s already getting close to mid-November, I’m surprised that we’ve missed out on winter’s icy chill so far. We’ve had several snowfalls, but nothing really to write home about. Although, I did write home, just because…

Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

It would be sooo cool to actually have eyes in the back of your head. I’m not exactly sure why I feel that way, or what I would even use eyes in the back of my head for. It just sounds awfully handy.

Say, for instance, you were starting to cross a street, and you heard something that sounded like your keys hitting the pavement. You could verify that, without even turning around!

You might also discover that you walked right by a $1000.00 dollar bill, and nobody else noticed it either! You’re rich! You’re rich!!

So you grab the $1000.00 dollar bill off of the street, but when you do, the eyes in the back of your head are looking straight up, which is when a pigeon flying by with a serious belly-full of buttered popcorn decides to relieve some of the pressure in his little bird belly, and launches a runny air-to-ground attack. Right onto your head!!

With the eyes in the back of your head blinded by something of a gravy consistency, but stank, you DROP the $1000.00 dollar bill. A kid with a skateboard scoops it up, and zips away into the crowd, which is moving carefully around you and your bird plop hair.

As you try to walk away with even a modicum of dignity, you don’t notice that your keys DID fall onto the pavement earlier, and a seeing-eye dog has snapped them up, for something to play with at traffic lights. When you eventually get home, you will learn this, and be forced to spend the night lying on your verandah, where a stray neighbourhood cat will claw apart your favourite suit as you sleep.

Maybe I should rethink this “eyes in the back of your head” thing…

Chow for now!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Odds & Sods…

I forgot to mention a couple of things about the Billy Joel concert the other day.

Party animals that we are, Mrs. That Dan Guy & I bought a couple of bottled waters, prior to the start of the show. The young kid at the counter told us he has to keep the lids. Seems that the Billy Joel people requested “no lids” on bottled water. I’m wondering if The Piano Man maybe has some experience with flying water bottles??? One thing for sure, we weren’t able to bring them home, so they must have scored big-time in the recycling department…

Also, at one point during the show, Joel slapped on a guitar, and introduced on of his roadies, a Mr. Chainsaw. Mr. Chainsaw did a killer version of AC-DC’s “Highway To Hell”. While the crowd loved it, they may have enjoyed hearing “Uptown Girl” more…

Well, National Squirrel Month this past October was a dismal failure. I think we only mentioned it a couple of times, but never did any features.

I had planned on doing some investigative journalism, ands going out into the forest with a video camera, to capture footage of our famous black squirrels. Didn’t make it. Too busy trying to determine whether or not I like Drew Carey as the new host of “The Price Is Right”.

Just not enough hours in the day…

Finally, I had better start doing some hockey blogging soon, before I get removed from the NHL Blogger’s site. If you need to know about hockey, press that link at the top of my page!!

My hockey tip for today: The Montreal Canadiens are going to return to dynasty status, starting THIS year! GO HABS!!!!!

Chow for now!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Tuesday Morning “Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway” Concert Review – Billy Joel

(or, Why I Will Never Be A Professional Concert Reviewer…)

I lifted that photo off of The Google, and even that pic has way more hair on Mr. Joel’s scalp, than what we could see last night from our seat up in the rafters of The Saddledome.

As a matter of fact, I started to believe last night that Mr. Joel and I may be related. We’re both a bit…uh…huskier than the last time I saw him in concert. We both have less follicles than we had back in our salad days. Judging by both of our current weights, I don’t think either one of us had too much (if any) salad days…

The biggest difference between the two of us would seem to be that as far as piano playing goes, he’s flippin’ amazing, and I’m about as good as your average one-armed arthritic aardvark.

But hey, isn’t this supposed to be a concert review, so to speak??

We went to this show because either Mrs. That Dan Guy didn’t attend with me the first time around (over 15 years ago, so we would have at least been shacked-up at the time), or she doesn’t recall the show. She is getting pretty old, so it’s a coin toss there…

However, it turned out to be a good thing to see him again. Like so many of the rockers and artists of his era, he gave a completely different, reflective concert. This one was full of reflection, and he played a load of songs nobody expected. Or, as he called them himself – “the crap”. But there was some good crap!! I played the crap out of “Zanzibar”, back when that album first came out.

The night was not without a plethora of hits, though. That’s a lot. A whole bunch. Many. He built up a head of steam, and brought the crowd to their feet countless times. Well, countless for me after I ran out of fingers.

Too many highlights, but as many songs as he played, it was amazing hows many he didn’t: “Uptown Girl”, “A Matter Of Trust”, “Just The Way You Are”, to name but a handful. However, the ones he did play more than made up for it.

Unless you went specifically to hear “A Matter Of Trust”. Then you might have been a bit pissed, but hey, the guy can’t play all night!! As it was he ran almost two and a half hours.

Two thumbs up, our humble assessment. Great stage show, awesome backing band, and plenty of joking around by Mr. Joel, who described himself as Billy Joel’s dad at the start of the show.

See you in another 15, Billy!!

Chow for now!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

It could be just the time of year. It could be wholesale neglect on my part.

Whatever the reason, the heels of my feet are dry and/or chapped. No amount of Blistex seems to soften them up. I really must learn to wear socks whilst skiing…

So, what other options exist for dry heels? Olive oil? Day-old pasta compresses? Leeches?

I really wish I spent more time surfing the Google for practical advice, rather than snooping around to see how little poor Britney Spears has to struggle to get along on, every month (almost $700,000 – you’d think there might be a small allotment for undergarments in that amount).

No, rather than consult the Great Online Knowledge Resource for crucial health advice on achieving whiter cuticles, I roam the Google to see if David Hasselhoff has relapsed (he has). Such is the cult of celebrity, that I am unable to tear myself away from their excessive lifestyles.

What? Just buy “People” magazine? Why, I had never even thought about that. Thanks!

So, dry heels – prepare to be moisturized. I WILL surf the Google for a cure!!

What? Just buy “Dry Heel Cream” at any local pharmacy?

Oh boy…

Chow for now!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

As I sit here in a room with windows covered by blinds, it is snowing like a ticker tape parade outside. Snow is falling from the sky like the spray from a motivational speaker’s pie-hole.

Yikes. I think I may be spending too much time with Charlie!!

Let me describe this snow thing, in lighter, more gentler terms.

It is snowing right now, in a manner not entirely unlike the flippin’ stampede after a K-mart “Blue Light Special” announcement. There’s more snow coming down than a chimpanzee loves Chiquita bananas.

If snow were doubloons, I’d be shovelling up a fortune later today!!

Does any of that imagery convey what today is like here? I mean, it is November in the prairies, so snow is a fact of life.

Thankfully, we were prepared. We were prepared for snow in late August. It’s Canada, for Pete’s sake. We could get snow in the middle of what we call summer here. We already had snow, and this dump looks as harmless as the last one.

But, it did give me something to write about today…

Chow for now!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chicken Scratch

Let’s keep it down out there today, boys & girls. Ole Charlie lost a science bet last night with a sheep dog, and now the vanilla extract I drunk is makin’ my head a little small for my brain this morning…


And speakin’ of brains an’ science, here’s a headline from a newspaper. “Uranus Amazes Astronomers”. Uranus, Myanus…Astronomers are amazed. I wonder if it has anything to do with a black hole??


Sorry. That was outta line. I am “amazed” at my own insensitivity. I should wash out my mouth with vanilla extract. Hair of the sheep dog…

I never really read the article. I just loved that astronomers somewhere were amazed with Uranus, or maybe Myanus. Frankly, it don’t sound like a job for astronomers as much as it should be an amazement for doctors with those rubber gloves. And why was it amazin’? Was Uranus covered in bubbles of linoleum? Was it glowin’ in the dark?

Was it whistlin’ a happy tune? Plenty of Uranuses do that after a bean burrito…


Sorry. Again, that was outta line. Nobody wants to start their Saturday morning thinkin’ about whistlin’ Uranuses. Most people don’t wanna start their Saturday morning with a gong inside their brain either, but Key Sara, Sara.

I wanted to be a junior astronomer, if ya can believe it. I bought a telescope, and put it out on the balcony of my apartment coop. The problem was, it faced directly into a hen house, and I never did point my telescope up to Uranus.

Well…maybe I…


Cluck for now!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

I don’t know if anyone out there watched NBC as much as we did last night, but it seemed to be “Push The Envelope Night”. More appropriately, it may have been “Groin Night”…

Let’s start with My Name Is Earl. Maybe their funniest episode ever, and sprinkled liberally with crotch humour. Not that I mean to say crotch humour is the funniest thing in the world, but in the show, it was appropriate, and funny. And certainly pushed the envelope. Is NBC still the network in last place? Just asking…

The bit they worked around was a heat-sensitive camera, that captured certain bodily areas (do I need to spell it out?), making them very visible. Alright, that description may not sound like a laugh riot, but man, was it funny to watch…

Following that, The Office had a road trip scene where goofy salesman Dwight was peeing into a can, and may have cut his Oscar Meyer on the tin, when the car hit a bump. Not your everyday sitcom chuckle material.

But long-running hospital drama ER took that risky envelope, and pushed it right out the door, with a storyline that ran through the whole show, and involved a young virginal doctor walking around with a model of…you guessed it…a groin!!

Now that I think about it, even Jay Leno had a groin bit on The Tonight Show. During one of his “Things We Found On eBay” bits, he showed a Star Wars collectible card, that had a visibly “happy” C3PO, who may have been much closer to R2D2 than we ever knew…

Groin Night”, on the Peacock Network. Now that I say it like that, maybe it makes perfect sense…

Chow for now!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

On the run, busy day today, so this one is going to be short, and possibly sweet. Or just short and sassy.

Maybe not sassy. I'm probably too old to still be able to pull off sassy. Goofy maybe, but sassy may be a relic of my past.

Not that I couldn't be sassy if I gave it half a try - I'm just too rushed right now to even give it a half-hearted go.

And really, who needs to be sassy these days? Even cartoon kids are more smart-ass than sassy these days. So why buck the trend.

In conclusion - short, not even close to sweet, and far from sassy.

I really need to get organized before I post these things...

Chow for now!!