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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Today family and friends would normally be celebrating another birthday for my sister Suzanne (she would have been 58 today), but that is tempered by preparing to mark the 1st anniversary of her passing in a little over a month from this otherwise annual cause for celebration.

Hard to believe so much time has gone by already, and yet in many cases the work on her legacy and memory is not only still ongoing, it is barely getting started. 

Her Suzanne St.Yves Amani Peace Prize was topped up late last year to allow that initiative to continue.

She left me a lifetime of personal journals and writings that make my own output seem tinier by comparison, and my hope is that will find the light of day along with her photography work.  

She had left a request asking me not to allow her Facebook page to become a tribute space, but I am inclined to use that space to keep those close to her aware of the progress on anything related, as her reach was literally around the world.

So, just a short note to say there will be more to come from Suzanne, while she didn't get to be here as long as we all would have preferred, I think she will continue to affect people in teh ways only she seemed capable of.