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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Author Good Luck Charm??

I don't want to toot my own horn (too much), but I'm starting to see a trend here:

* I interviewed author W. Bruce Cameron while he was working on "A Dog's Purpose", and that exceptional novel went on to become a New York Times bestseller, and has been optioned by Dreamworks for a movie:

Listen here!

* I interviewed Canadian author Will Ferguson for Freefall Magazine while he was working on "419", and last night he won the prestigious Giller Prize for that novel.

Listen Here!

* I wonder if this will rub off on Hay House author Suze Casey, with her new book "Belief Re-patterning"??

I wonder.....

Listen here!

Author Good Luck Charm??


Chow for now1

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Not because I want to, let me tell you!

I have my quarterly A1C test this morning, to see how my diabetes control is doing. I already have a spoiler alert thanks to my daily blood glucose testing - it sucks!

I actually went on a new medication, which only drove my numbers higher!

Looks like I'll have to find time for walking or other forms of exercise. Either that, or some other new medication. Plain and simple, I need to control those blasted numbers.

Like golf scores, the lower the better!


Chow for now!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Latest Interview Gone Virus!!

Not quite viral - but still pretty active given my stats!!

My chat with actor William R. Moses for his show here in Calgary at Stage West has passed the 500 views mark - by a mile. Now hovering around 560+.

And, my podcast interview with author Suze Casey from Hay House Radio (.com) is currently over triple the closest download for October. Things are clearly gaining momentum!

You can listen to (or view) both my podcasts and my YouTube videos by looking around here on this page. Scroll back up to that photo montage above and you'll get the link to the podcast. Over to the right, there's a hyper-link to my YouTube Channel.

I hope to have something new to add to both of those soon.

Stay tuned, campers!

Chow for now....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Wild Chuckie Chicken - Yee-Haww!!)

Hi-Ho Furball - Away!!


Yessir, tha snow is on tha groun, an I's findin' new ways ta git aroun!!

Figgered ah could pur-suede Mama ta quit feedin' her cub, an git me over ta tha licker store - hope tha spurs are werkin'!!


People's always sayin' that polar bears are so aggressi - HEY! Leggo ma foot, ya hairy carnivore!!


Wut wuz I sayin'?? Oh yeah, ah think these ammimals get a bum rap fer bein' so aggresiv..




Crap - she bit off ma spur - ah better git another ride ta tha mall - talk atcha later!!

Cluck Fer Now!!




Somebody call tha po-po!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Calgary Folk Club 10 26 12

Steve Seskin
Liz Longley
Calgary Folk Club 10/26/12

The Saturday Morning "Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" Entertainment Review: 

Steve Seskin & Liz Longley at The Calgary Folk Club

It's hard to believe that Mrs. That Dan Guy and I see as much live entertainment as we do, and yet it has taken us so long to discover one of the most prestigious folk clubs in North America.

Well, better late than never, especially when we get to discover new-to-us talent like the stellar lineup offered last night.

On her website, last night's opener Liz Longley indicates that she has also opened for artists like Shawn Colvin, Amos Lee, and Nanci Griffith to name just a few. Vocally, I'd be inclined to describe her as a blend of the best aspects of Ms. Colvin and Ms. Griffith. Loads of emotion and power - and during a three-times-is-the-charm cover of Van Morrison's Moondance she hit a high range that was crystal clear. Between guitar and piano she nailed engaging melodies and lyrics that are setting her career on a path to success, along with filling her trophy case with affirmation of her musical instincts. A couple of highlights were "Unraveling", and a hilarious Girl Scout gangsta rap "Dough For Dough".

Find out more about Liz at her website. I'll be anxiously awaiting her new album, due early next year..

Like being late to the party for the Folk Club, hard to believe I hadn't heard Steve Seskin perform before last night - however, I have heard his handiwork. We've been "hot country" fans since the 90's - which is when he was penning hits for the likes of Tim McGraw, Neal McCoy, John Michael Montgomery, Collin Raye - and the list goes on. If you've heard "Life's A Dance", "Grown Men Don't Cry", or "No Doubt About It" - those ditties are from the efforts of this songwriter who has penned SEVEN number one hits - so far...

Writing lyrics that combine warmth, humour and slice-of-life moments that everyone can relate to I could compare Steve to Shel Silverstein and Jimmy Webb, a couple of personal favourites that write songs that have proven staying power. He is however a talent in his own right, as those number one singles (and over 450 songs so far) speak to...

As a matter of fact, he's more like a male Erma Bombeck, navigating the human condition in song - especially in something like the hilarious "It's A Jungle Out Here", where a male gets into the doghouse with his partner. Literally...

His banter between songs was as good as the songs themselves. Like Jimmy Webb, other artists have made his songs big hits - but if you ever have a chance to catch him live in your area, DO NOT hesitate. You will relate to hearing him sing about your own life, as he shares his own.

Be sure to visit Steve's website - and he apparently has a few free downloads. Once this is posted, I'll be downloading "How Easy I Forget"...

Another stellar evening indeed, at the Calgary Folk Club - check them out as well!

Chow for now...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Calgary Folk Club!

Just have to get through my work day, and Mrs. That Dan Guy and I will be heading over to another evening of fine entertainment at the Calgary Folk Club.

The weather is expected to be cold and snowy tonight, but if the few times before are any indication of consistency, this will NOT be the case inside the facility - should be a packed house of rousing entertainment!

Review tomorrow morning (sorry Charlie)...

Chow for now!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do The Hokey Pokey

Put your left leg out, shake it all about...

OK, too damn cold - stay the hell in bed....
Wake-up call for May, please...

Chow for now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Winter Is In The House!

Well, technically it is OUTSIDE the house - thankfully!

We got a real good dumping of snow over the last day or so, which made for a fun 1 hour and 45 minute commute for me yesterday morning. This after us hoping the hot spell would come to an end.

We certainly got an extreme version of what we were asking for!

So, plus side - snowballs and tobogan runs.

Negative side - we are in Canada, during the winter.


Chow for now!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I still have to write my official piece about our trip to Philly a few years back, but several newspaper columns resulted over the years. I even have a great title for the piece, but I better keep that under my hat! Mrs That Dan Guy and I LOOOVED Philly!

I didn't even know at the time, but our hotel backed onto Rittenhouse Square, not too far from some cool cats that got ahold of me a couple of years. They are a hub of activity in the Philly. We will definitely check them out when we do get back there:

Circa 1212

They offer all sorts of nifty swag, AND entertainment - how can you lose?? If you're in the area, or going there, check them out - and follow them online for Pete's sake!!

In the meantime, here's a favourite blog post from our trip journal:

Philadelphia Day Six

Chow for now!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Luck, Windows!

It's funny - I had to use my Windows computer this weekend, and thanks to an update of some sort, I also had to restart it. With Vista (or at least the version of Vista I have on that clunker) that can take about the same time as cooking a large turkey. It is literally painful.

Thanks to Apple, I can fly through most daily taks now without any frustration (alright, alright - some frustration, but it is technology after all!). Sure, there's been a learning curve and a few hiccups along the way - but it is lights years away from the daily inability to do what computers were supposed to allow humans to do with speed and efficiency.

I'm reflecting this morning with the upcoming launch of a new Windows OS - good on 'em!

An Apple a day for me keeps the Windows away!!

Chow for now...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Canada's Walk Of Fame (& My Relentless 11's...)

We finally had a chance to watch the 2012 Canada Walk Of Fame broadcast that we recorded a few weeks ago. Always a great show, with swells of pride, and inevitable learnings about great Canadians. I recommend catching the show if you haven't already.

This year, Winnipeg (our hometown) was really in the spotlight, what with Randy Bachman getting recognized for the second time.

There was also this snippet of the legendary 72 Summit Hockey Series, where Team Canada narrowly beat out Russia. Almost fell out of our chairs!

I wonder what this means, fellow Winnipegers?? 11, you haunt us!!!!

Chow for now...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger, Charlie Chicken...)

Howdy hoomans!

Pardonez-moi - I's just pree-parin' sum shots ta submit ta ma agent. I redda article in a magazeen, and thought - Hey! Charlie!! YOU could be a model!!


Yessir, I think tha wurld is ready fer ma masculine assetts. Ma six-pak is juss about like a car grill!!

An if all I hafta dew is lie aroun lookin' sexy, well this bird can do that blindfolded!

Of course, that would cost extra....


So, this mornin' I'm posin' aroun tha house - in ma gym, in ma bathtub - an outdoors in tha brisk -25 C temuratures - that kinda makes ma natural poltry bumps ripple even more!!

Altho tha ripplin' could be due ta tha extremely high Arctic winds...


I'd like ta chat more, but ah kin feel tha baby oil hardenin' - gotta keep movin'

Charlie out, suckahs!!!!

Cluck fer now...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Treme? Anyone Out There Watching Treme??

One of the shows we really, really enjoy here in the Such Is Life household is HBO's terrific drama Treme, set just after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Gritty, often witty and filled with real NOLA musicians, the show makes us want to get back to that amazing city ASAP.

Of course, as far as the storyline goes, it would have been nice if John Goodman had stuck around longer than the first season - and Steve Earle had a similarly brief run, but overall it is a great hour of television.

We are a bit behind so far this season, but the episode we watched last night was called "Saints" - go figure! In one scene, the camera catches musician Spencer Bohren playing his reflective post-Katrina story song "The Long Black Line".

I'll let you click over to this previous post of mine to read the relevance of that song:

We need to see him again, as much as we do that amazing southern city....

Chow for now!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making Lunches

Just putting together our lunches for today! Picked up a porous Tupperware container that allows our caviar to breathe, whilst remaining fresh and caviary.

I've wound bubble wrap around the pheasant, under glass. Hopefully the champagne bottle doesn't fracture that.

I am a little worried about the mini-warming oven - I'm not sure it won't dry out the beef medallions. Just have to take my chances there...

Just to be safe, I did throw in some dry crackers and a PB & J sandwich as a failsafe - like some sort of hobo backup plan.

Bon appetit!!

Chow for now...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almond Joy

We have recently switched from traditional cow-squeezed milk to a product nursed from the teats of almonds. I have no idea at all how farmers are even able to find the necessary bodily parts to milk on the almonds, but we are happy for their efforts.

Almond milk is kinda nutty, which you might expect. It's also kinda different when you cook with it, but it can be done. Making Bisquick biscuits, it covers your fingers like heavy woollen gloves. You probably wash off at least two biscuits, just from your cooking paws. However, the dough that survives to see final biscuiting - delightful!

Thanks to family members for turning us on to this wholesome new treat - we are anxious now to try almond cheese!

Chow for now...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Calgary Traffic

Funny - everyone here in YYC seems to believe that the traffic lights aren't synchronized. I disagree. The city employees responsible for traffic flow impediment have achieved near perfection here. Every light I approach is either already red, or just turning red. My favourites are the ones equipped with motion detectors that trigger amber lights abruptly, which then go straight to red before your brakes have had a chance to cool off. Loads of fun...

Even on overpasses, designed to offset traffic congestion, the city has achieved miraculous results. You can literally (and most often) stop at THREE red lights after taking an off-ramp. The Traffic Flow Impediment system here is an absolute wonder. I'm inclined to bring along a stopwatch one day during my commute, just to see how much time I spend impeded in my travels.

There is no synchronization here in YYC? I beg to differ. I'd almost go so far as to say that there is an incentive program for the programmers - "Red Ahead, Save Green For The Vegetable Drawer!"

Chow. For now...

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Monday, October 15, 2012

A Brush With Death - In Calgary!

The Monday Morning "Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" Entertainment Review:

A Brush With Death
John Dutton Theatre, Castell Public Library

Well, I am pleased to report that I have survived a brush with death - although I'm pretty sure I was never really all that much at risk. A Brush With Death is actually a Calgary production of macabre magic, sprinkled liberally with good-natured comedy. Which can be awfully hard to review.

I am always loathe to give anything away here in these sorts of reviews, so that the element of surprise remains intact when you choose to attend a show. I could certainly highlight some of the gags that went well - from audience participation moments that put people on the spot, only to see them rise to the challenge and even come close to stealing the show. One gentleman took his obligation to monitor a locked box very seriously, if by serious you mean waving your hands in the air while gyrating like Beyonce trying to shake off a mini-skirt... 

I can also say that the show often elicits the reaction that it aspires to, especially when host and producer Yeats Wong dabbles in some onstage blood-letting - queasy reactions back from the packed theatre indicated his efforts freaked out his audience. 

Headliner Michael Berends brought a variety of mentalist and escape segments to last night's show, including a metal box escape that I can't even begin to imagine how he squeezes into, let alone gets out of. Clearly he has no claustrophobia issues...

On a side note, whenever I see a performer wearing one of those earpiece microphones, I can't help but see Vince from the late-nite TV "Slap Chop" commercials. I wonder if we could invite him to try getting out of that metal box...    

Magic Assistant Gwyn Auger managed to survive her boss's best efforts to undo her - through a variety of tortuous attempts. A good sport, she appeared fine while signing photos and posing for pictures after the show, even after being dragged offstage at one point. My only piece of advice for her would be to consider some self-defence courses - that stage can get downright unfriendly!

The entire proceeding to my mind adheres to the enduring tradition of the genre - the show pays tribute to a style of magic that has been around literally for decades and decades. So for younger audience members, everything old is new again. In its third year, the packed house indicates this show has found a way to draw their audience away from the ridiculous amount of competing entertainment options. 

Find out more for yourself at their website.

Chow for now! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chicken Scratch

(posted by guest blogger, Future Charlie - from the year 2062...)

Hello hoomans - and androids, A.I. Robotic Beings - and Cyborgs...

Well, ole Charlie woulda thought he'd be pushin' up daisies long ago by now, wut with ma drinkin' smokin' and frisky chick-inizin' - funny how that works! I've outlived most peepel I knew, and here I yam - still tickin'!!!


Turns out I musta pree-zerved ma innards or sumthin' - I'm tha pitcher a health!!


Well, a dew hafta take sum lil blue pills fer...Lance..., but other than THAT...

Sure has been a ride, kiddies - lemme tell ya - who'd thunk that we'd only be finally flyin' aroun on personal jet packs just a few short years ago? Dumb-ass scientissts - us chickens coulda had that solved back in 2012 - we got short-term flight figgered, juss by nature!


Hey, I see Justin Bieber is on a comeback tour, playin' casinos and county fairs - I betcha when he had those famous bangs back in tha day, he didn't plan fer being a snooker ball with a comb-over a few decades later!

Har Har Har!!!

Well, a better git back ta ma chick - the pills I had fer breakfast is kickin' in, and if I wanna live ta noon, I need ta "fly tha coop", if ya know wut I mean...


Cluck fer now!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Calgary Folk Club: Oct. 12 12

Calgary Folk Club
Oct 12 12
Julian Dawson
After The Storm

The Saturday Morning "Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" Entertainment Review: The Calgary Folk Club

This is the second review that I've had the chance to do for this enduring music venue, and there will be more - so check back every two weeks to see who else has passed through their doors to enthral eager folk fans!

For last night's lineup, it was the return of the club's former house band, After The Storm. Clearly a welcome return, as the singalong started early on in their opening act set. Lively and authentic Celtic music, I tweeted in jest that I had better peek outside, just to make sure the Rocky Mountains were still in place outside - it was feeling so much like the East coast in the room that I was craving some fresh lobster and a puffin feather for a toothpick...

Some terrific covers among their originals, including "Fogarty's Cove", a Stan Rogers classic I've long since worn out on a vinyl album my sister gave me years (decades??) ago. It's not often opening acts receive a standing ovation, but these talented gentleman were called back onstage for a dandy encore. Too bad their CDs were sold out - small surprise!

Headliner Julian Dawson then brought his warm English charm and humour onto the stage for two sets. 

Here's the funny thing. The human voice is a constant source of surprise. Over the years, Mrs. That Dan Guy and I have seen several performers set aside the microphone, and just belt out a song acapella.    Tony Bennett did it here in the Jubilee Auditorium. Michael Buble did it in the Saddledome. New York alternative (and arguably somewhat folkie) artist Jonathan Richman had his audience melting in the Manitoba Theatre Centre. When Mr. Dawson did the same thing (several times) last night, it was extraordinary. Especially when the audience sang along. That, my friends, is magic. During his opening "Fragile As China", working in a line of Joni Mitchell's - wow.....

It is no easy task for a solo artist with just a guitar (and for one song just a harmonica...a freakin' harmonica!!) to hold an audience through to the conclusion, but after the engaging and boisterous sing-a-longs After The Storm provided, there were times during Dawson's two sets you could have heard a pin drop. His 37 years of stage experience have made him a master of balancing upbeat tunes with songs that ripped out your heart. And as he admitted, most of the songs many of us in the audience had never heard before - that is an accomplishment.

While his songbook may not be familiar to many, his pedigree is astonishing. He has collaborated with artists like Lucinda Williams, Vince Gill, Toots Theilemans, Richard Thompson, bluegrass legend Jerry Douglas, Dennis Locorriere, members of Squeeze - and piano legend Nicky Hopkins. I had tweeted before he got onstage that Hopkins had played with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and my hometown fav Neil Young (to name just a small handful), so when Dawson closed with some anecdotes and memories of that collaboration - what can I say, made me regret it had taken me so long to discover his obvious gifts...

On a side note, he did a couple of Lovin' Spoonful songs. Quite a few years back, I saw former Spoonful frontman John Sebastian perform live as the opening act for legendary folkie Arlo Guthrie.

Last night made me feel like I was seeing another legend. 

Find out more about Julian at

Check out The Calgary Folk Club at their own web site

And keep your eyes out for After The Storm - you won't go wrong with any of those recommendations!

Chow for now... 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy, Busy Weekend...

We've got a crazy weekend on our calendar going on here in the Such Is Life household - over the next few days Mrs. That Dan Guy and I will be attending two very different spectrum ends of the entertainment industry...

First up - tonight I begin a run of new bi-monthly reviews, after accepting a gracious offer from the long-running Calgary Folk Club! This is the result of a blog post following the first show of the season I attended - so I was thrilled to get the invite back for this feature. The club has an incredible history of bringing top-drawer artists to virtually sold-out evenings (nary a vacant seat when I was there!) - and they have a strong focus on Canadian artists. This will be a privilege and a treat.

Find out more about them here 

Sunday, we meet up with friends for a macabre comedy magic show - another invitation to review! I may have to start some sort of official entertainment site spin-off....

Better run - I still have to get ready for my official day job - my rat race has a rather brisk pace :-)

Chow for now!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Two Apologies....

My humble apologies:

1) Only have time for a very short post this morning, and

2) If you already follow me on Facebook and Twitter, this was all over those two social media sites yesterday.

However, this is where it all links together, so....

My latest interview, with author Suze Casey - to be amended when some reviews are published:

Talkin With: Suze Casey podcast

Enjoy! She is a GREAT interviewee......

Chow for now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clarity Propels You Forward...

It's only been a few days since a lightning bolt hit my creative force - and in that short time, I have mapped out a new book. Every day more and more input arrives without beckoning, so I had better just start pitching this thing around - it will be pretty much a completed manuscript any day now (subject of course to an editor's gentle embrace - with a scythe!!)

Of course, I could be full of beans. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. But I feel pretty confident, given the steady stream of ideas flooding the cavernous area between my ears.

Hey, check back later - my podcast interview with author Suze Casey should be posted shortly...

Chow for now!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I See The Light!!

And it appears that the bulb has burnt out - I had better get that changed before it gets dark again...

Chow for now...

Monday, October 08, 2012

Who Doesn't Enjoy A Clambake?

Well, I suppose the clams might have a problem with the whole experience...

Chow for now!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sylvia Browne

The Sunday Afternoon "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-I-Go-Anyway" Event Review:

Sylvia Browne
Century Casino
Calgary Alberta Canada
"50th Anniversary Tour"

"See Someone In Person You Didn't Think You'd Ever Have The Chance To See" - Check

"Fulfill A Long-Time Dream To Ask That Person A Question" (Mrs. That Dan Guy) - Check

"Get Even More Affirmation Of Recent Moments Of Clarity" (That Dan Guy) - Check

Believer, eye-roller, or wherever you personally fit in on the opinion spectrum of this sort of individual, there's no questioning the success of veteran medium Sylvia Browne - the lady can certainly fill a room! Not only that, two tables of merchandise piled high sold out before the show even started. Her faithful cannot get enough.

Now, before I get to the show review, just a couple of sidebars. I've always been told that for writing to be effective, you need to occasionally be controversial, or say something that might ignite strong reactions back from the reader.

As a humour columnist generally, I've only ever had that happen a few times - so I'm anxious to try that here:

As one of the few males in the audience, it quickly became apparent that the vast majority of women that follow these sorts of events are middle-aged. Presuming that by middle-aged, we are all going to live into our 120's and beyond. 

For the few males I spotted in the audience, there were several that I imagined must have "Wizard" as their current employment on LinkedIn profiles. I'm probably wrong on that conclusion - they might just as likely be retired 1970's heavy metal stars...

Well, that was fun. Now that I've alienated a large section of my readers - on to the review!

I'll start with counting myself and Mrs. That Dan Guy in the believer camp. This was one event (after passing on so many over the last three years) we just couldn't pass up. And, Mrs. That Dan Guy had really hoped to ask her a question, which she was able to finally do. More on that later...

As for Ms. Browne - 76 years young, wheeled onto the stage by her husband due to a recent broken hip - she made fast friends with the audience. After a brief White Hat ceremony by a Stampede City official, she launched into a solid hour of stories and belief sharing, which I strongly believe she ad-libs entirely, probably based on what she feels from each audience. That alone was amazing - and an incredible opportunity to see her vocal jabs at noisy people in the room - like a rapier! The Don Rickles of mediums!!

Ms. Browne can also be quite salty on occasion - many of her stories were filled with wonderful humour (among the enlightenment and other emotions evoked), and some of them using words you don't hear her use on television appearances. She is something else, let me tell you - but most of all she is an eye-opener. If I had any doubt that I am suddenly on the right and best track lately - those thoughts were firmly dispelled after last night. As I say, I think her "prepared" speech tries to answer so many questions before the audience even gets to ask them. Astounding.

For ourselves, a highlight had to be Mrs. That Dan Guy having a chance to get a book signed, but also to have a question answered. What floors you is the precision of the answer, that there is just no possible way Ms. Browne could have figured out, given what little was asked. 

On a side note, for those that think mediums or psychics are just a bunch of New Age hooey, Ms. Browne surprised me by how much foundation she has, and relates her gift back to not only recognized organized religion, but Christianity specifically. Not sure I knew that before last night.

If I was a believer before we went to the show, I was even more of one afterwards.

Two big thumbs up here (apologies to Roger Ebert)!!

Chow for now...    


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Chicken Scratch

(posted today by regular contributors, for obvious reasons...)



Oh Charlie - when will you ever learn?  

Tequila, beer  and pretzel binges will ALWAYS end badly. ALWAYS!!

Look, I had better whisk you away to recuperate. Mrs. That Dan Guy would like nothing better than to turn you into part of a Family Bucket Meal - so you'll thank me later for dragging you upstairs, if even you do have a few bumps and bruises from bouncing off of each stair...

Let's go, ya mangy piece of poultry....


You know, I have always wanted to do something....

Nobody's around...



Hee Hee Hee....

Cluck for now!!

Friday, October 05, 2012


"A weak mind is like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things, but cannot receive great ones." - Phillip Chesterfield

Clarity is a funny thing. You can struggle to find it, and many of us sadly never do come across it in their searches. You can come upon it unexpectedly, or it may arrive in one fantastic divine inspiration. I recently had a moment of clarity, and I believe it may just take me off in a direction I hadn't planned - that's another thing about clarity - it might not even be the answer you were looking for all along...

The quote above could not have possibly been random. I awoke this morning with that aforementioned clarity, and that particular quote was in my morning scroll through Twitter(land). It summarizes everything I've been struggling with over the last week. It also aligns with my newfound clarity, and gives me the tool I need to move in an entirely different direction. 

Very cool....

AND - the best part? While this clarity does seem like a diversion, it aligns with everything I've been attuned to for years. Who knew?

More to follow - I've got work to do.....

Chow for now!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Cat's In The Cradle

It is indeed in the cradle, and he has absolutely NO intent of leaving. We've tried luring him with food, dangling some yarn, and spritzing him with water.

He is one defiant cat, and will NOT stand down so that we can move him.

May have to introduce a dog in the cradle....

I don't see what good a silver spoon or man in the moon would do.

Is it man IN the moon, or man ON the moon?

My head, clearly, is spinning...

Chow for now! 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gangnam Style

I really have nothing to say about that grabber headline up there. I am admittedly just trying to steal some of the tens of millions of people worldwide in the online traffic that's searching for the latest web phenomenon.

I realize this may bring some nasty reactions from web surfers, but I'm willing to deal with that - hey, our standards are so low here a rubber chicken blogs for this space on the weekend!

So, if you want to view the charming gentleman that dances like a horse trying to drive railroad spikes with his hooves, carry on and keep searching - nothing to see here folks!

Otherwise, welcome to Such Is Life - check it out! Click on some links. Tell all your friends

Chow for now...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Goodness Gracious, Great Ball Of Fire!

Awoke this morning to news of a massive fireball in the news - in the neighbourhood I grew up in!

My dad still sits on the front stoop there most days - if he happened to have done that yesterday, he would have had a front row seat to the explosion. I imagine my parents must have felt the heat, even though they are quite a ways away from the site itself.

My mother may have taken advantage to that to dry some clothes outdoors...

Winnipeg in the news - oh my!

Chow for now...

Monday, October 01, 2012

Hippy Monday!

Somewhere out there, leftover hippies are starting their week, along with the rest of us. I'm not exactly sure how hippies get prepared for a work week, or frankly whether or not they actually HAVE a work week.

I imagine hippies may not even wear tie-dyed shirts and love beads anymore - or flowers in their hair. Unless they're going to San Francisco...

I may even be working with a hippie, without even knowing it! How about them bananas??? Maybe I need to start looking for peace signs or something??

At any rate, Hippy Monday all - even if you don't start your week with a handful of granola!!

Chow for now...

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