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Friday, October 30, 2015

What's Happening, Calgary?

It feels like forever since I've posted something new here, so maybe it's time to link to a few pieces I've had run lately in my online Calgary Herald space.

How about a preview of Rosie & The Riveters/Steve Seskin, tonight at The Calgary Folk Club?

You may have missed Winnipeg's Red Moon Road at the Ironwood Stage & Grill earlier this week, but you can get a big jump on their January 2016 appearance at that very same Calgary Folk Club mentioned earlier - btw, the companion podcast is a hoot regardless of your availability to see the show...

I caught Vancouver's The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer in Bragg Creek a week or so ago, but it was even more fun chatting with Harpoonist Shawn Hall before their show. Don't miss the companion podcast!

Man, all this typing....

Why don't I just link you to my online Calgary Herald space??

Why, there's a veritable WEALTH of interesting reading there!



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Steve Hill Coming Back To Calgary

I talked to blues rocker Steve Hill back in June, ahead of his show at the Ironwood Stage and Grill, which I then made sure to attend.

Glad I did, he was absolutely amazing live - between his deep, urgent rhythms that straddle traditional blues and classic rock, there was that image of him whacking away at a cymbal with the drum stick attached to the head of his guitar - the only word that sufficiently describes the experience is "intense".

Here's a link to the podcast interview from back then.

This was the preview feature online in The Calgary Herald, and this was the followup after seeing him live.

Don't miss out - get your tickets for Steve Hill TODAY!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Growing Up Canadian - Street Hockey Memories

This is my latest real estate column, but it's more about the quintessential rite of passage for many Canadian kids. Back when I was this age, it would have been a predominantly male endeavour.

Read the piece here...


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two Days Ago, John Lennon Would Have Turned 75...

My piece from yesterday's online Calgary Herald, which has already been linked online at,, Entertainment 24x7, The Edmonton Journal, The Windsor Star,, The Montreal Gazette, Saskatoon Star Phoenix,, Vancouver Province - among others

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