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Monday, October 12, 2009

What kind of Thanksgiving was THAT?

Just as I was digging into my turkey dinner last night, I had some degree of kickback from my digestive system (I should probably have warned you that this post may get a little gross…) – I thought maybe a bit of light indigestion. BEFORE the big meal. Oy!

After taking a break, I was able to soldier on and finish, but not too long thereafter certain uncomfortable bodily functions began to explode, somewhat literally, if you get my drift. That went on for the rest of the evening, overnight, and still so far this morning. Hence my late start, and delicate seating composure this morning.

Why? Why, I ask??

(No more) Chow, for now!


That Dan Guy's Niece said...

Was there sausages in the stuffing? Cuz that does it to me everytime.

Or did MTDG make it like Grandpa cooks his? Definite gastro distress fuel.

ThatDanGuy said...

Happily, I do not eat stuffing - ESPECIALLY if there had been sausages in it!

I do however share Grandpa's "cooking" skills...