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Thursday, October 08, 2009

I’m thinking of applying to have “Murphy’s Law” renamed to something a bit more appropriate – such as “That Dan Guy’s Irrevocable Odds Of Absolute Worst Case Scenarios”. I don’t know if Murphy was ever as consistent as we seem to be.

Case in point – we decided to get rid of a second car that has been sitting out on our driveway for a year or so. Even not running it has cost us money, as the battery died of a broken heart (neglect), and had to be replaced. This car has been babied since we’ve owned it, we just didn’t have a reason to use it anymore.

However, when we came up with a reasonable price, we brought it in for a seasonal oil change and got a bit of bad news – the repairs that the beast unexpectedly needed exceeded our sale price expectations by a couple of hundred dollars. This from a car that has long been a guidepost for maintenance-free operation, and hasn’t been run regularly for at least two years.

Sometimes I think that if I bought a winning lottery ticket, the government would file for bankruptcy the next morning.

These are the mornings I want to punch Tony Robbins in the nose…

Chow for now!!

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