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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Harp Traders

If the collective philosophy is correct, we're all going to be standing around all day up in Heaven, plucking harps for all of eternity. Are we sure this is Heaven??

I'm betting there's a pawn shop or two up there, where after a few millenia the folks that get tired of the endless drone of millions of harps can sneak off in the middle of the night to unload the damned things. From there, I guess they have to go under the radar, which would have to be a bit of a problem what with it being Heaven and all - maybe this is part of the recruitment program for Hades?? I know that even with my easy-going nature, I'd probably want to clobber someone with a harp if that's all I heard all day and all night!!

Just sayin'...


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

11 (Possible) Secret Herbs & Spices

When I have free time on my hands, I like to speculate (ie: - take scientific wild-ass guesses that hopefully will not be taken seriously enough so as to lead to litigation) on a variety of subjects. I may speculate on just about anything under the sun, given enough free time.

Anything - like what might be some of the long-guarded 11 secret herbs and spices used in coating KFC chicken parts...

1) Myrrh - why not? What else is myrrh used for? Does anyone even have the slightest clue what myrrh is?? Hopefully, it is delicious if it is indeed used in coating KFC chicken parts...

2) Love - isn't everything tastier when it's coated in love?? And crispy...

3) Edible oil by-product extractions - YUM!!!

4) Eye of newt  - a time-honoured tradition, possibly ALSO a delicious secret ingredient making magic on KFC chicken parts coating...

5) Kentucky Bluegrass - hey - the best is the best, be it for a shimmering, lush lawn or coated chicken parts...

6) Riboflavin - Riboflavin? Ribo-flavour!!

7) Gravy Dilute - Not entirely sure if this is even a thing, but back when KFC chicken part coating was created, there couldn't have been that many ingredients to choose from in an industrial kitchen...

Well, just a few guesses - who really knows what composes the ACTUAL 11 secret herbs and spices? Probably a scientist, or anyone that knows how to cook.

For now, these are some of my conclusions. Not to be taken seriously. Or litigated...


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working In A Cold Mine...

You'd think that with modern technology, mine companies could afford to run some sort of heating into their mine workplaces. But that old pop hit about working in cold ones indicates that might not be happening.

Is it time to start a campaign for warm mines? Don't workers deserve a comfortable workplace?

Where were the unions when these companies started building cold mines? Seems to me a no-brainer - just find a way to keep things warm in there!!

I must find out a bit more about this phenomenon....

I'll get back to you, after my research is done!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Back. To The Future!

Going through cupboards and dresser drawers yesterday, I came across some archaeological curiosities - one of which was my VHS copy of the first instalment of Michael J. Fox's "Back To The Future" franchise. I've long since purchased the trilogy of DVD, which is almost as extinct now as that old VHS tape.

I do tend to collect these things. I know that in a box somewhere in the house (OK, several boxes), I have unseen episodes of "Dallas", "Growing Pains", and "Wheel Of Fortune" I will have to one day unearth and watch, before I can let them go.

Don't even get me started on my 8-tracks - why doesn't anyone still sell the players??



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad Year in Famous People Losses So Far...


I can't find the link I stumbled across last week, but that one suggested there have been over 90 celebrity deaths so far this year - and they are some pretty big names from film, stage, music, sports and more.

Click here for a similar list...

I had forgotten just how many big names are no longer with us...


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)


I wunner why that there helli-chopper keeps circling' above tha house?

Ackshually, it keeps hoverin' - juss above tha house???


Ah cud swear it feels like it's shootin' some kinda beam into tha house - THIS HOUSE@!?!

Wut tha cluck????


Oh boy - ah better go hide tha medicinal vegetation ah been storin' fer...a friend!!


Is that a dog I heer barkin' outside??

Oh, sweet lard!!



Ah'm too pretty ta go ta jail!!

Time ta use tha chicken door ta skee-daddle!!!


Cluck fer now!!