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Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Steven Truscott Story, and MG3 (Montreal Guitar Trio)

It's a twofer-one today, folks!

Here's my review of "Steven: The Steven Truscott Story", over at Workshop Theatre. Especially riveting for Canadians, and even more timely now that our (I hope to all thing holy, soon to be departing) faltering Prime Minister is introducing life sentences without any chance for parole. This story traces the story of a young man wrongfully convicted, sentenced to death, and his fight for over 40 years to clear his name. An amazing glance into corruption and the human spirit's ability to overcome incredible odds.

Here's my preview and interview with MG3 member Marc Morin. For 17 years, the three friends from Montreal have been touring the world, re-inventing the art of classical guitar, and the sounds you might expect from an ensemble in the process. Along the way, they have collaborated with artists such as The California Guitar Trio, and given the late Victor Borge a run for his money, combining humour with exceptional musical skills to delight audiences!



Tuesday, March 03, 2015

An Aberration For Sure,But A Good Aberration...

I'm not exactly sure why, but last week I had a sudden jump in page views, and it wasn't for any one specific post, oddly enough.

That said, it was like a 1000% leap - so whatever reason it might have chosen to happen, I'd sure like to see if I could duplicate that :-)

Well, I will continue to muddle around in the dark, and perchance I will recreate those right perfect blog post conditions again...


Monday, March 02, 2015

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend, and occasionally weekday guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

March, an iz snowin' like tha Dickins out there - BLECH!!


Ah'm gonna make this piktchur a work a Art, cause he took tha piktchur.

Ah'm gonna call it "Chicken Reflecting, Through Window".

Now, that'll be $500.00, fer lookin' at it.




This right, yew reprobait - pay up, or I'll have Luigi stop by an re-aarange yer knees...

Ah'm an arteest!!!


Well, at least that's mah solushun fer dealin' with thiss GODDAM RELENTLESS SNOW!!!



Fer cluck's sake - wut is thiss, Sighbearia???

Cluck fer now - I gotta shovel a path to go git sum cigarettes...

Sunday, March 01, 2015

How did I forget to attach this preview of The Steven Truscott Story??

What the heck - must be my embarrassment of riches - I'm so busy with requests and attendances I completely forgot to post a link to:

My preview, and cast and creatives interview for Louis B. Hobson's "Steven, The Steven Truscott Story".

I think that link pretty much leads you to everything you need to know about this dark chapter in Canada's legal system, so I'll just leave it with that.

Enjoy! Better, yet - get your tickets! Most nights have already sold out due to high demand...


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hot Nut Riveters? Yes Please!

Calgary Folk Club:

The Hot Nut Riveters
Guy Forsyth
Scott Mackay

My review of last night's Calgary Folk Club is live online in my Calgary Herald blog.

 I'll also steer you over to my other site to read my preview of their show, which includes links to two audio podcast interviews, with The Hot Nut Riveters' Guy Forsyth, and Calgary-based singer/songwriter Scott MacKay.

As well, here's An Evening In Pictures - enjoy!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Shameless :-) Marketing Concept Gone Awry...

For a scribbler, I've had to do a lot of marketing and self promotion over the years. It's just the nature of the beast.

I had a headstart with those efforts back when I was in real estate, as I had to market my services, so as to stand out from the competition.

"Sell With The Saint" - great idea!

Swinging With The Saint - not such a good idea...

My latest REM column, which you can enjoy here.

Lots going on this weekend, still waiting for two articles to go live online, and two more reviews coming soon. Links to follow


Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Today's Calgary Herald - Stage West Calgary's Latest

"And Then The Lights Went Out"
by Andy Garland
Stage West Calgary

Live now online, AND in today's physical Calgary Herald, my review of the noir detective send-up "And Then The Lights Went Out".

Check it out here.

Hoping to have a couple more pieces go live today and tomorrow - busy weekend of great entertainment here in the city!