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Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Elephant Never Forgets

What were we just talking about???


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

Ah'm changin' mah ways, fellow hoomans - ole Charlie has seen tha light - LITTERALLY!!


Lass night, aftur findin' sum 25-yeer old Scotch hidden under a box of file folders in that home office, ah wiz unwindin' with a ceegar and mindin' mah own bizniss, when ah must passed out, outta sheer eggshaustion.

When ah awoke, ah realized ah musta hadda heart attack or sumthin' while I wiz asleep - ah could see mahself inna tunnel, and tha light wuz comin' tawards me!!


Then, just as tha lite got even brighter - that's when ah saw him - GOD!!

Standin' right before me, wearing' a baseball cap and a lousy mustache he musta been test-driving fer teenagers with too much acne - it wuz Tha Big Guy!!


Well, lemme tell ya, ah sure came back ta life inna hurry - ah shook mah pinfeathers, flapped mah little chicken wings, and realized it must been a bad dream - go figger, considerin' wut shoulda been fine, fine aged booze!


He did reach down frum tha heavens though - because ah seem ta have fingerprints on mah neck where he tried to bring me back ta life - thank God he wuz successful!

That's it - I'm goin' ta church tamorrow mornin' - this bird is gonna be clucking' a new tune!!


Cluck fer now!! 


Friday, August 29, 2014

Student Edition Cast Impresses With Lez Mis Production

My latest Calgary Herald Blog is now live - I review Storybook Theatre's current production of "Les Miserables". These are students?? You could have fooled me!!

Check it out by clicking here!!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flying From A Small City

Well, what an adventure yesterday, trying to get back to Calgary!

I asked my cousin to drop me off at 9:00 AM, a good 90 minutes before my flight. Which should have been perfect. As it happened, I barely made my connection...

It started with the automated checkin not offering a baggage tag option, which forced me into two blurry lines of travellers that clearly appeared to have been frozen in time long before I arrived. That was the result of just two workers trying to move passengers onto two full (oversold, actually) flights, complicated further by a broken conveyor belt for the luggage. Nothing against unions, except in situations like this where they are prevented from thinking outside the box to help out a problem that was forcing luggage to get stacked like crows on a country telephone pole...

By the time a third nonchalant employee sauntered up to check in passengers, the two lines had further blurred into a wall of first-come, first serve - the best part was a lady with about 80 pieces of luggage and a brood of moaning children that walked around all of us long growing cobwebs in the queue(s), right to the front of the line(s), and discovered that the airline did NOT have her reservation. Which brought a glacial pace to an even slower procession...

By this time, there were less than 7 minutes to my flight boarding. However, Sleepy beckoned me forward, and I was finally checked in, although I watched nervously as my luggage was stacked on top of a coffeemaker in the airport restaurant across the aisle from the baggage drop counter...

Hastening over to security, I discovered that even though I carry expedited access through that delay tactic at airports, once past the array of guards chatting about the weather, I was funnelled into the same blob of traffic that had been at the counter, rather than another expedited lane for the ritual of emptying my pockets to walk though a detector. As the time ticked by, and my boarding time was about 3 minutes passed, I shook my head, looking up to see the scanner employee notice my displeasure. This prompted my choice for a more "personal" inspection - and even more of a delay.

Eventually, I got through the tiniest airport in the world, in just under an hour. My flight left 15 minutes late, and we were off!

The story doesn't end there, but I'm choosing to ignore the delay when we landed, and had to stay out on the tarmac until our gate was cleared. The important thing is I'm home, and maybe next time I'll see if someone has a spare bazooka they can point towards Alberta...


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8th Time is The Charm??

Well, let's see if this post finally loads...

I've tried posting remotely from my iPad and my iPhone, but no luck with each effort there. I had left myself plenty of time to blog while I was at the airport, but multiple debacles there had me barely making my flight.

More on all that tomorrow - for now, fingers crossed this actually posts without an error message.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reminder Of Frailties

Today starts the end of my trip here to Kelowna - even more of a whirlwind than our last visit. The funeral is this morning, then a flurry of family before my return flight home tomorrow morning.

Considering the nature of this get-together, the emotional side is underscored even more by the realization that there is an abundance of frailty here. For sure, emotionally, but even more so physically. Hard to see so many familiar faces challenged by the conversion of time and health.

Yet we are all out united in remembrance. That is the focus for today.


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Long & Windy Road

...that leads from Calgary, through the Rocky Mountains, and ends up here in Kelowna, British Columbia....

Not here for a visit, unfortunately. Here to attend a family funeral for a much-loved father, brother, father, uncle, and community member. It's already been great seeing everyone, and that is only going to increase over the next two days.

For now, I need some coffee to stiffen my sense of awareness...