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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chicken Scratch

Halloween Apples!!”

“Trick Or Treat!!”

“Cash Or Gift Certificates – Keep Yer Cluckin’ Sunflower Seeds!!”


Howdy, humans! Ole Charlie is here today, ta letcha preview his Halloween costume. I’m the pluckin’ Mummy – how bout THEM apples?? Spoooooooky…and quite skritchy, this one-ply???


Yeah, me and the little cluckers are lookin’ forward ta hittin’ the streets when the sun goes down. I for one am hopin’ it ain’t rainin’ or snowin’ – this toilet paper is gonna get mighty clingy if THAT happens…


I had planned on goin’ as a turkey, but we already got one here in this house!

Ba-Doom-Boom! Here all week folks, try the veal…


I better not fall asleep before all the trickery and treatery starts. Some big bonehead aroun’ here might mistake me for a roll a sumthin’ – and that could get ugly.

I’d hafta drop, cluck and roll pretty pronto!!

Better skitter – see what the cluckers are up to.

Cluck for now!!

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