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Monday, October 05, 2009


We made it!

Even though it seemed like all hope was gone, some unexpected strategic planning on our part allowed for our recent houseguests to become the first elder relatives to make it to all seven local casinos.

The winning strategy? The final casino is located right beside the airport, so on their way back home we were able to stop in just long enough to add it to the list, making a clean sweep of the facilities here. Funny, we couldn’t have been the only ones – plenty of other seniors were rolling luggage along the casino floor as well.

Hopefully they had as much fun here as we had hosting them. Arranging a morning snowfall was just one of the little extras we tried to add for authenticity of a prairie getaway. We didn’t expect it to still be falling though – have to talk to the event planners about that one.

Sure, they loaded their suitcases with our bathroom towels, but maybe it was time to replace those old things anyhow. We went through their wallets while they were sleeping, and now have sufficient funds to do that.

Life now returns to normal, or whatever passes for that here in the Such Is Life household…

Chow for now!


Mr & Mrs gg said...

We can top that!!!!!


ThatDanGuy said...

That's awful big talk, sister!

gg said...

Go big or go home I say!

ThatDanGuy said...

Regarding diet, that's our motto!!