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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Day Two of FIROOT (Family In From Out Of Town) went rather well, expanding on the success of Day One. Although we are now officially falling behind on our Casino Visit Schedule, despite Mrs. That Dan Guy’s House Guest Action Plan. We hope to get back on track later today.

While we were out at a casino located close to the Saddledome, we got caught in the traffic snarl (and man, was it snarlin’…) of the mobs leaving after hearing the Deli Llama speak.

Is that right? Deli? Llama?? I think it might be Dolly Rama??? Dally Lumbar??

Anyhoo – that cost us some valuable visiting time in traffic jams – which we filled with vigorous group sing-a-longs. Man, nothing warms the ear canals like a hearty rendition of “Kumbaya”, even if all four singers can’t find a single one of the proper notes…

After dinner, we learned a new game, apparently a game that has been passed down in the family, instead of the usual gas we’ve grown used to from some members. Not naming any names, “DP”!!!

The game is called “Sequence”, a combination of board and card games. Like Raisin Bran, it’s similar to “a whole lotta awesome”. We played teams, guys against the girls, and soundly thrubbed them. Repeatedly.

Chow for now!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

In your dreams Mr.! Lucy and I beat the men hands down! It must have been the gorillas who brought us luck!

ThatDanGuy said...

rose-coloured glasses, sister...