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Friday, October 16, 2009

I will admit – I was always a big fan of the Monty Python Comedy Troupe (and maybe it is like Mrs. That Dan Guy suggested – “it must be a guy thing…” Huh...). When I noticed that there was a little reunion of sorts set to occur on “Late Nite With Jimmy Fallon” - well, I had to record it.

We watched the episode last night, and what a howl! Fallon lost all control as each member of Python aspired to outdo one another with hijinks – including at one point an impromptu fight with cups of water.

The stories told were fun, and even Fallon managed to rise to the level of his guests – although he should really consider giving up on his show-opening monologues – the man is NOT a stand-up.

I don’t know if you can download that episode from The Google, but you really should keep your eyes peeled for if it should repeat. Freakin’ hilarious.

Chow for now!!

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