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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There’s irony for you!

I had jotted down a note the other day to remember to post something here about my latest theory – a growing concern that I emit some sort of powerful magnetic interference. Which somehow kills batteries before their time. Just as I had turned on this little net-book that I use to post these columns, I received a message indicating I needed to plug the computer in – hence the irony reference.

This theory began with an older laptop, which started to show signs of shortened battery life, before it simply “expired” (battery-wise), operating only when plugged in. Then, the replacement computer (The Crapmaster Vista Experience) , which came with a spare battery featuring an alleged 4-hour battery life, slowly became lucky to limp along about 90 minutes if unplugged. Now, this wee processor has joined the fray, giving me less mobile time than it would take to brush your teeth in the morning.

Hence, I now believe that I emit some sort of field that kills batteries, or draws that electrical current into my own system somehow.

One more bullet in Mrs. That Dan Guy’s revolver with respect to donating my body to science, presumably AFTER I’ve expired…

Chow for now!

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