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Monday, October 26, 2009

My site is finally back up! It was restored sometime Sunday, although I have lost my site visitor stats. Ugh. Oh well, at least the dang thing is back – thank heaven for small miracles, and glazed doughnuts…

The cause of this whole kerfuffle was an equipment failure with my old webhost, causing them to transfer all their clients to a new hosting company. When I Googled my old host last week – well, they appear to have fallen into a deep dark crevasse online. It’s almost like they never even existed. If there’s any such thing as an online mafia, I’d be concerned that the company had been whacked in the middle of the night, and fitted for virtual cement overshoes - or whatever the current disposal fad may be for unsavory characters these days.

I guess now I can start to update/upgrade my website, to reflect upcoming changes – like links to this new podcast thing, and YouTube video snippets I plan on uploading. I’ve always been hesitant in the past, because the one time I did make a minor alteration before, I lost the entire site. Captain Technology I ain’t…

At any rate – is now back, and this recent near-death experience has just confirmed that I need to start keeping it up.

More to come.

No moose to report – nor any other wildlife for that matter. Unless magpies are considered wildlife? Then we’ve seen some of those squawky birds.

Chow for now!!

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