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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to shovel I go…

Yes folks, once again we have woken to a hearty snowfall having fallen overnight, which just happens to be getting fresher by the minute – Mother Nature has a serious case of dandruff this morning.

So, unlike those adorable little dwarfs from the famous Snow White story, I will be gathering snowfall rather than diamonds, which have far more appeal to the cashier at the Blackjack tables.

Our only solace is that if our squatter gopher is still living beneath our front stairs, he’s stuck there now until spring. Happy hibernatin’, Herbie!!

Chow for now!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! You have snow already? Are you kidding me? It seems so early this year. Wow. I hope everything is okay there and the snow lets up for you. Maybe it'll get it all out of it's system early this year for you and the rest of the winter season will be dry. =)

ThatDanGuy said...

Hey TL!

Even for Canada, this has been a cruel and unusual fall - we hope winter is indeed kinder...