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Monday, August 25, 2008

Where did August go? And why do I feel like I’m asking this sort of question every month???

Man, there’s just a few days left in August – technically the end of summer here in Canada. Soon igloos and snowmobiles will dot the landscape, and we’ll have to ensure our whale blubber supply will last through the next 8 months of howling winter. Why we haven’t already moved to Hawaii is beyond me…

At any rate, before my point is lost to eternity, I just have to say that summer here is ending. In between the rainy season episodes this year, I think Mrs. That Dan Guy and I only managed to squeeze in FOUR barbecues! That blows. We’re going to have to cross our fingers, and hope that the sun appears at least a couple more times before the snow flies – daddy needs his grilled meat!

We did have one terrific BBQ yesterday, with some old amigos that rolled into town. Several different barnyard animals (E I E I O) gallantly laid down their lives, to appear on kabobs for us. We appreciated the sacrifice, scarfing down each and every morsel. Nature, marinated...

So, here’s to having at least two more grilling sessions this summer, to make it an even half-dozen. Oh Canada, where summer is so fleeting…

Chow for now!!!

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