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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chicken Scratch

Birds At The Beach…

Make the cluckin’ stop….

Great Rooster, PUH-LEEZE make the cluckin’ stop……

Cluckin’ in the mornin’, cluckin’ in the evenin’…cluckin’ in the summertime!!


This Hen Rietta chicken is one clucky bird. Poor Cornelius and I’se been gettin’ the brunt of her jabberin’, but even the wee cluckers ain’t so safe. She really likes the sound of her own beak movin’…

So, today, I thought, bein’ the long weekend an all, I’d bring the herd out ta the beach. But it ain’t helpin’. “The sands too sandy”. “The water ain’t wet enough”. “Charlie, you needs ta lose sum weight”.


If I loses any more weight, I’ll be a sorry chicken salad when I lay down on a lettuce leaf!


Oh well, at least here on the shore her cluckin’ gets drowned out by the surf, an the crowd noise. I shoulda took her to Swiss Chalet instead, an introduced her to a side a ribs with coleslaw!!


Zounds, last long weekend of the summer, and I hasta hear some wingy chick chatterin’ every five minutes. What did I ever do to deserve this? Man, do I ever miss the good ole days, when I was the cock of the walk around the Banjo building. Now it’s like a common coop around that joint! There’s more birds there than in an Audubon sanctuary!!


Oh bother! Now she’s peckin’ at our picnic grub, and she don’t look happy…

Give me strength….
Give me a dramma gin.

Cluck for now!!

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