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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We are now back home in Cowtown, safe and sound, after an exhausting but enjoyable trip back home to Winnipeg.

As seems typical for these frequent rapid-fire visits we seem to make now, we squeeze in as much as we can - from eating at old familiar restaurants, to driving through old familiar road construction sites, and spending several hours each day with friends and family.

One thing I have learned from this trip, is that if you happen to be spending time out on a boat in the hot sun for several hours, you may want to move around every once in a while, so as to tan more than one part of your body.

Mrs. That Dan Guy pointed out that my “farmer’s tan”, a phenomenon whereby only parts of the arm are darkened from hanging outside a pickup truck, was very pronounced. I discovered after further examination that one of my arms was considerably darker than the other, and that both arms (after I had removed the T-shirt I had worn on the fishing trip) looked like I had been fishing around in a vat of molasses for something. I could be accused of trying to emulate Robert Downey Jr., in that controversial new Tropic Thunder movie.

I also appear (much more obviously to the casual observer) to have tanned only the front of my face, and NOT both sides, or under my double chins. There is a noticeable darkness that ends abruptly if I lift my face upwards. Which I must now try to remember not to do so often. Again, Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder


Chow for now!!

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