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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Every so often, I write a column that I fear may be my last. The column will generally touch on something semi-scandalous, and I worry that I may have crossed a line that my editor will not be able to tolerate.

This week, I had such a column submitted, and yet it ran anyway. The subject was Canada’s pending approval of a home-grown adult film station. A dicey subject at the best of times, with two very different camps taking positions on the subject.

Here in Calgary, after a columnist wrote a serious piece about the decision, the letters to the editor were pretty predictable:

“My neighbour plays his music so loud, every night. Make it stop!”

“Why are gas prices so high? Who are the pirates pocketing all those profits??”

“That Kathie Lee Gifford sure was a good co-host, back in the day…”

Well, clearly not everybody reads all the news articles, but I submit mine here, appearing online today:

Chow for now!!


Cynthia Borris said...

Hi Dan,

"Home-grown" adult entertainment. Did he come up with this idea on a Friday, perhaps?

You're right. As a humor columnist, your job was done before you hit the first word on this one. Can't wait to see how it plays out.


ThatDanGuy said...

Hey Cynthia!

Since the announcement, we are starting to notice more gentlemen here growing 70's-style Fu Manchu mustaches...

It's frightening!