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Sunday, June 23, 2013

SNL's Seth Meyers - Live!

Seth Meyers Live
Foxwoods Resort Casino MGM Grand Theater

The Sunday Morning "Nobody-Asked-Me-To, But-Here-Go-I-Anyway" Concert Review: Seth Meyers

If you are planning on pursuing a career as a stand-up, do yourself one favour: go see Seth Meyers perform live. His performance last night was a master class in how to riff on touch-points for every single member of an audience, and sustain laughs for a solid 90 minutes. That is not even close to easy, but I swear he got even funnier the FURTHER his act proceeded. 

Unencumbered by the constraints of conventional TV broadcast restrictions and censor handcuffs, Meyers utilized every conceivable golden rule of comedy - surprise, circle-back punchlines, punchlines AFTER punchlines that were even funnier than the first punchline. And all the while he had cohesive stories and anecdotes that a visibly diverse audience could unite in hilarity with. 

Sure, he goes a bit blue, but in an everyman, I'm-one-of-your-buddies, buy-me-a-beer sort of way. He certainly didn't need to cuss to get his laughs, but I'll admit to maybe laughing a little harder when his points were punctuated with common wide-eyed expressions of disbelief and frustration I would use myself, given similar situations.

Topics? Universal - politics, European travel, getting into his first (and only) fist-fight, but also some behind the scenes stuff from SNL that was priceless. He virtually closed his show with Weekend Update bits that didn't get past the censors - even the stick-in-the-mud beside us finally unfolded her arms and hooted with delight! 

There were too many highlights to try finding just a few, as I say this was solid - the most solid set I have ever seen, and we have seen some of the biggest names in the comedy biz. But his riffs on Donald Trump, Kanye West, and an assortment of presidents clearly resonated with our fellow audience members. 

On a side note, I was a little less than discreet with polishing my lens in my seat (NOT a euphemism), and suddenly found myself having a conversation with the theatre manager regarding photos. She informed me that I could NOT take pictures with such a long lens (now I am bragging just a little..), but "if towards the end you tried to capture a shot or two, we would be too busy to take notice, or evict you by force with our security staff".

That explains the ghostly image of Mr. Meyers exiting the stage I have posted above, without the benefit of focus...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

What a show! I agree. Of all the comedians we have seen and many legendary, Seth Myers held his own and above! When you find yourself laughing out loud continuously and realize you haven't stopped the entire show, wow, it is not surprising Seth Myers is where he is on SNL. What a talented comic. Loved it!

ThatDanGuy said...

Yup! What she said!!