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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hartford '13 - Day Two #nsnc13

For my fellow #nsnc13 attendees, here are a few more pictures from our advance arrival expeditions.

Yesterday, Mrs. That Dan Guy and I headed off to Foxwoods, a giant casino and hotel complex located about an hour away from Hartford - where our conference will take place next week.

Along the way, our drive cut through the stunning greenery of Connecticut in the spring. Maybe summer, I hear that is a thing in warmer climates. We're from Canada, so "summer" is often like other whispered legends you hear of, such as Sasquatch and harmonious bi-partisanship...

To get to Foxwoods, you pass through the waterfront town of Norwich, a picturesque little city that is seemingly still struggling to return from the ravages of the recession. Lots of vacant businesses, and homes - but it is worth stopping to have a walk around. Have lunch on the wharf, only about 40 minutes away from Hartford. 

Further down the highway (interstate?), our ultimate destination was Foxwoods, and a date later that evening with SNL's head writer Seth Meyers (review to come shortly in a separate post) to see his standup act.

But until then, we had time to kill! Exploring the sprawling, horseshoe-shaped complex and the multitude of casinos it hosts, lunch at another Hard Rock Cafe, so that we could check one more off of our to-see list, and did we mention casinos??

After a beating to start our day with the slots, our luck turned just before the show. Had to extract Mrs. That Dan Guy from a hot slot as the curtain was rising for Mr. Meyers. My review is the next thing I will be posting, after this one is up and shared on my social media sites.



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ah yes. A great day! Loved the sightseeing, Foxwoods itself was ok, but no where near the hype around it. Very strange to be driving through the countryside of Connecticut and then see this monstrosity of a high-rise hotel with neon lighting rising out of the landscape. Very odd! However, Mr. Seth Myers was the saving grace. Outstanding!

ThatDanGuy said...

And standing up, which was fortunate for us...