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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doctor Redo, Part Three...

Today is the official conclusion of my segue into better diabetes care. I have an appointment first thing today with (I may be wrong about the title...) the in-house diabetes nurse at my new clinic, after which I have a follow-up visit with my new doctor. He'll catch me up on my test results from last week.

I suspect my A1C levels will be the highest they ever have been. Which is not a good thing. But this guy is no-nonsense. I will either have to make wiser life style choices and changes, go on insulin, or find a new doctor if I can't be bothered to follow his guidance.

It's not doing me any good to NOT make changes, so let's give that route a try before I experience the serious complications side of diabetes....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ya Mr.! This one will whip you into shape, he is a toughie, but a great Dr., let's just do it!

ThatDanGuy said...

Dr. Toughie Magoo!!