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Monday, June 17, 2013

Feather's Day

I know that we tend to celebrate SOOOO many diverse events every year, but to we really need to dedicate an entire day to feather's?

On Sunday, I personally chose to ignore what has obviously developed into yet another made-up day of recognition that the greeting card industry nurtures in the name of profit. Feather's Day?? Why would I buy a greeting card for a goose??

Sure, I have a feather mattress. I am grateful for my down jacket when the Canadian temperatures plunge during the winter. But again - a national day in celebration?

How about I just celebrate quietly with a plate of duck a l'orange, or a bucket of KFC??

I will NEVER understand how these things pick up so much buy-in. Feather's Day??

What the pluck.....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

First of all, you got it wrong. Second of all, if you were actually right, I think Charlie would be a little ticked at your attitude!

ThatDanGuy said...

I got it wrong?? It's not Feather's Day??

Well tickle me with a feather.....