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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger...and...uhh..general contractor?? Charlie....)

Howdy hoomans!!

Ole Charlie is here now, an I'm gonna "make it right"!!


Yessir, I juss took mahself a course online, an I am now a General Contracter - having zipped right passed Sergeant and Loot-Enant!!


So, I'm gunna buy mahself a hammer, some bib overalls, and shave most uv mah head - move over Mike Holmes - Charlie's tha new fixit guru aroun here!!


Got a leaky roof?

Tough cluckin' luck! I ain't a roofer. Although ah did have shingles once!!


Here all week folks - try tha veal!!


Got moisture coming in through yer basement walls??

Let me get mah duct tape an a coupla plastic shopping bags - I'll have ya fixed up in NO time!!

Wut ah really wanna do is spray fome insalayshun - gimme one a them guns, an LET ME LOOSE!!




Hey, is that a whoopin' crane??

See ya!!!!!

Cluck fer now....... 


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

O brother! First of all, "shave your head"? You already have a mohawk doo you crazy rubber piece of poultry and second of all, you must have learned your fix-it ideas from your Hooman owner, one Mr. That Dan Guy. Duct tape fix-it-uppers are all too familiar in the Such is Life household. Look out renovators! Avoid the mad chicken at all costs!

ThatDanGuy said...


I use Scotch tape too......