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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Heading Home...

Well, my lightning-fast visit to Vancouver is ending today. Had a great meeting with the national leader that will be shaping the volunteer program for my day job. We also attended a public policy summit here yesterday that acknowledges the challenges (changing landscape) of the modern volunteer force. I picked up a few nuggets from that event.

Today I have to walk over to our Vancouver office, and will sit in on a couple of conference calls that were scheduled - just happen to be here and I can attend in person!

Then the sun sets on this adventure as I fly back to Calgary, before the sun literally sets. It will be nice to use a washroom again where the door to the bathroom doesn't rest against the toilet bowl. That has been some fun. I will also look forward to seeing my bathroom sink at home, which does not send spritzes of water along the basin and the bottom of the mirror.

I did happen to catch a bald eagle soaring above while on a little walkabout last night. At first, I thought it was a huge crow carrying part of a small albino pillow, but I realized where I was and deduced that it was indeed an eagle.



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

YAY! Always happy when Mr is on his way home. I will sleep better now.
Glad your trip was good for the mind and soul Mr.

ThatDanGuy said...


Smooshy thing....