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Monday, June 24, 2013

Hartford '13 - Day Three (Norwich) #nsnc13

Hartford '13 - Day Three

Folks, if you get here to Hartford early and want to see some of the countryside, rent a car and get yourself over to Norfolk. About an hour away, the highway runs almost entirely through photo-op quaint towns, and stunning, dense forests.

Also, there seems to be less deer sleeping on the side of the road, which was NOT the case when we went east to Norwich & Foxwoods a couple of days ago...

A definite plus in Norfolk is the famed Infinity Hall, which features world-class entertainment. We caught the up-and-comers night yesterday (review to follow in separate post). If you're not familiar, look through your local public TV listings, the shows are typically exceptional, and you'll see many familiar faces from the music world.

We always get amazed at how well Americans preserve their history. Building from the 1880's?? In Canada, we bulldoze buildings from the 1980's - you can never get enough of gas stations, Subway and convenience stores!!

At any rate, we are getting close to switching hotels to be at the conference hotel. Where we are located now was perfect for the the events we had planned before things kick into gear with #nsnc13.

Well, I've got a review to write - more tomorrow!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh ya, loved Norfolk! So beautiful! And Infinity Hall? AMAZING! What a gem!

ThatDanGuy said...

And the moon! The Strawberry Supermoon!!