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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kung Fu Panties Redux Review

Loose Moose Theatre
CalgaryAlberta Canada
"Kung Fu Panties Redux"

(photo courtesy of modern technology...)

(Finale cast photo with director Rebecca Northan, discreetly snapped from audience...)

The Sunday Morning "Somebody-Asked-Me-To, So-Here-I-Go" Theatre Review:

"Kung Fu Panties Redux"
Loose Moose Theatre

I couldn't possibly have cut this one any closer. Closing night, last performance after an extended run. So, you could consider this morning's write-up the absolute latest possible review of the show. As useful as mittens on a walrus...

I'd prefer if you read this and considered it the earliest possible review of the NEXT installment in this wildly popular stage production. Don't make the same mistake I nearly did in missing this second edition when it eventually returns to the theatre the next time around. Rest assured, it most definitely will be back....

Part Kill Bill. A nod to the Charlie's Angels film reboots. The tongue from Austin Power's cheek.  Campy ninjas that provide as many laughs as the rest of the cast. Kung Fu Panties Redux is (was?) "Hi-Yah!" hilarity on high heels!!

Of course, it is also specifically adult fun. There was more than a pinch of salty language and considerable sexiness for both the men and women in attendance. You won't see anyone snatch a pebble from Master Po's hand - but some anatomical references certainly substituted for that TV series omission for the audience...

On the sexiness theme again though, refer back to my comment on "camp". A relentlessly funny scene with male strippers possibly had an extra cast member out on stage - from where I was sitting it looked like one of the thongs malfunctioned, but I may just be nuts.... it could have been an upper thigh goiter?

The actors...I must apologize - without a program (and really bad Google search skills), I am unable to provide you with any cast names - but I would also be hesitant to single out any of the 11 members of this crack cast. Of course, the three ladies that make up this wee core of The Sisterhood were wonderful. As the criminal mastermind, _______ was a gas, and one scene with wires was especially memorable. 

As I say, the entire cast made this action adventure work, along with best possible use of staging, and well coordinated sound and lighting. I loved the creative laser segment, along with the sign-bearing ninja somewhat reminiscent of another character in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.

The full crowd in attendance clearly loved the show, and the five months of martial arts/stage fighting training paid off handsomely for the actors. No broken noses by the time the curtain fell! Literal acting chops...

I'm not sure how long this link will work, but you can find out more on something called Facebook: Kung Fu Panties Redux - you should also follow them on Twitter to get advance notice of future showings/editions.

For all things Moose, make sure you bookmark Loose Moose Theatre. Follow this legendary troupe and theatre on Twitter as well!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

A great show. Quite creative, physically daunting for the cast for sure and funny as heck. Loved it!

ThatDanGuy said...

It was both a hoot, and a holler.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed it. Hope they do it again in Calgary

ThatDanGuy said...

Me too :-)