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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

That there chicken don look like any chickens i usedta see on tha farm!!

Shiny show-off.....


Tha bottom picher is what he looked like when I first spotted him, trying ta hatch indigestshun pills - wut a putz!!

Up top, well, ya probably don wanna know how THAT picher came about...

Although, discoverin'  he was maid a CHOCOLATE might take a bit of tha gross ness outta seeing a peeled chicken!!


I've come ta learn it was a Eatser chicken - like many of tha earless bunnies that pass through these doors, kinda eye-ronik considering tha diabetes here in this joint.....


Stoopid hoomans...

Well, as long as ah keeps ma own skin on, they kin dispose uv all tha choklit ammimals they wanna...



Guess ma breakfist burreato is givin' me some grief....gotta trot!!

later, chumps!!


Cluck fer now....


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Ummm, does Charlie really think he is immune from being "peeled"?

2 words for you Charlie: Crispy skin

Ok, 1 more word: Yummy!

PS The chocolate ones come AFTER the fried ones

ThatDanGuy said...