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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rather than get all giddy today about a very near future where our household enjoys using a Telusphone, or spends lazy evenings watching Telusvision, I would like to reflect on winning strategies for a simpler technology - playing cards. More specifically, Solitaire.

Sure, you can certainly opt now to play Solitaire on your computer or Telusphone (home or cellular...can’t say that about some other technology companies!), but I’m talking specifically about using an old-fashioned deck of cards. So that you can cheat.

The problem with computers is that it is a little more difficult for the human user to cheat, while the computer program itself is often guilty of cheating like a gigolo at a Palm Springs Sexaholics Anonymous convention. Seriously, how can you possibly lose 29 straight games of Solitaire if the computer program itself isn’t pre-determining the outcome??

With a deck of cards, you can easily peek at the cards in the deck, to ensure the combinations you will need to win. Every time! Stuck making a row? Whoops! How did that card become available?? I WIN!!!

OK, so these aren’t so much strategies as they are a confession, but still - after losing 29 straight games on my computer, either the program or the computer itself is going to meet an untimely end. Just sayin’. 

Oh, and kids - ask your parents what playing cards are. They have to be seen in real life to be appreciated...

Chow for now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh come on! You have lost 29 games in a row at least playing REAL card games with me! (And that was even with you cheating!) Sure, blame it on the computer, always the computer.

ThatDanGuy said...