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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If Fuzzy Wuzzy had been a bear, I imagine he must have had a pretty rough go of it in school. He would have had to toughen up to handle all the teasing, and that might have just been from the teachers!

I imagine he may have had to get a tattoo, and let his hair grow long like a biker to be taken seriously: "Yeah, my name's Fuzzy Wuzzy - wanna make something of it??"

Chances are he may have had to learn how to street fight to survive, maybe even using dirty techniques, like brass knuckles or a brass monkey. Carrying that name around during his crucial development years must have been a real pain in the brass...

Of course, he could also have just lived non-judgmentally in the woods, never once even knowing how cruel his name might have been had he grown up in the human world. Lucky Fuzzy Wuzzy, in that case.

The End

Chow for now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Aww! No way! Fuzzy wuzzy would have been spoiled and loved to bits in school! Why teachers would have hugged him everyday and the girls would have gone wild for cute fuzzy wuzzy and all the other bears would have hung out with him just to get the girls!
The End!

ThatDanGuy said...

Fuzzy would be played by George Clooney in your movie...

Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Naw, Fuzzy would be played by you! Shoom shoom!