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Friday, January 06, 2012

I had an actual topic in mind for today’s post when I got up this morning, but I became distracted, and now cannot remember it for the life of me. 
So, just like when the writers on Jeopardy go blank, I hereby present: “Potpourri”...
  • The deer are back in abundance in Nose Hill Park - easily spotted as you drive along John Laurie Blvd. There were several clusters this morning, and a couple of them clearly had Grande cups with steam rising...I think I saw one smoking...
  • I just realized that at the bottom of my Pages document (Mac software), there is a word count feature. 106. 107. 108....stop that!!
  • I whistle when I work - but then again, I am a bird caller...
  • Just thought you should know - my nose is runny. Not like a cooked egg runny, but still pretty runny...
  • Whoa! Why would anyone even bother to lick a 9-Volt battery?? Whoa!! Why would anyone even bother to lick another 9-Volt battery?? Whoa!!!
  • Are you wondering if the topic I had earlier, then forgot might be better than what you’ve been reading so far?? Me too...
  • Is “Potpourri” French for “a pot for Ri”??
  • Is “Potpourri” bad English for “pot pour Ri”??
  • Is “Porr Rorr EE” the sort of thing you would mumble after too many rum eggnogs??
  • Is It time to wrap this up for today??
Chow for now.


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Your mind is of grave concern Mr.!

PS I didn't get to see the deer! I must toodle by Nose HIll Park straight away!

ThatDanGuy said...

And, we saw a scraggly coyote yesterday! Animals (or the food chain) in abundance!!