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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just have to gripe a little - I am trying to get my social media linked again, but there is continued resistance somewhere along the chain.

My Tweets are certainly linking properly to Facebook, but my blogs refuse to. I've disconnected them, and then reinstalled them, and they appeared a couple of days ago, but not again since. I'm really not sure why this stuff is out to get me, but it is getting tiring.

Oh well, not like it's going to earn me a Nobel Prize or anything...

I also seem to be repeatedly pestered by scam "followers" on Twitter - essentially sex-starved vixens wanting to hook up. This isn't my first rodeo with scammers, so there is no way I'm clicking on links which are likely the inexplicable followers in my Google Analytics from Petro-Scarubia, or Sigh-Beria that are neither sex-starved, vixens, or followers.

With the billions of dollars that cable companies earn providing these scam artists with a living, they should be held to task to police the internet to ensure the safety of responsible users.

Again, billions of dollars. How about a small investment back.

'Nuff said.

Chow for now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Yup! I am with you on that Mister! God forbid they should take away some of those millions in bonuses for their executives and put it towards something useful for their customers!

ThatDanGuy said...

BBQ unicorn ain't cheap, sister!!