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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I refuse to start our furnace in the middle of freakin’ July…no way, Jose!

Unbelievably, we’re in the middle of some sort of relentless downpour, connected no doubt in some way to the annual Calgary Stampede in town now, trying to attract locals and tourists alike (much like my raft idea). Instead of sunny skies and warm caressing sunshine, we’ve had enough waterworks falling from the sky to irrigate Jupiter.

With the rain comes the cold – entirely far-too-frigid temperatures for this time of year, albeit I’m happy to report no snow.


So, we are monitoring our fingertips for signs of frostbite (in the flippin’ house, for Pete’s sake…), and I am doing everything I can to avoid turning on the furnace. We’ve had jive dance contests, Jumping Jack marathons, and I’m in the process of moving our trampoline inside, to park it in front of the TV. Mrs. That Dan Guy and I are nothing, if not shamelessly creative.

The cold and rain are interesting, considering that other parts of Canada are being cod-walloped by a heat wave. Either they are holding said warm weather hostage, or the sun has decided to holiday out East for a few weeks. Hey, who needs fat cattle anyway?

Well, once the rain passes, I’ll be griping about the hot spell. It’s what I do.

Hey, did you know that Regis and Kelly, from the popular American TV program “Regis & Kelly” are filming here in Canada this week? In the beautiful warm sunshine of Prince Edward Island. Hmmm… Conspiracy theorists might make a few grumblings about that coincidence…

Chow for now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Totally agree with the Mister! Crazy cold. July? Now c'mon!!(Dont tell Mister, but I'll turn the furnace on in the morning while he is still sleeping..ssh!)

PS Hey Stampede organizers! Ever thought of changing the date? Every year, rain, rain, rain. This year, golf-sized hail closed the rodeo, tonight the chuck wagon races were cancelled. Perhaps you can hold it in the winter and that will bring us warmth and sunshine? Just a thought and thank you!

ThatDanGuy said...

Or buy big woolen sweaters for the horses and steers. Maybe mittens...