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Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't Miss: Kat's Cabaret, Monday January 27th

Last week I posted a brief note here about an upcoming event that promises to showcase some extremely talented Canadian performers.

Since then, I’ve had a chance to hear a bit more about the one-night-only showcase of soul from organizer Katrina Reynolds:

Tell me about Kat's Cabaret - this isn't your first rodeo, to use a Calgary reference??

“Kat's Cabaret is a live experience that is all about the music! Kat's Cabaret always features a new helping of singers and musical stylings. The showcase at Lolita's on January 27th will mark it's 6th installment, this time based around soul and Motown music showcasing ten extremely skilled vocalists.”   

What inspired you to come up with this concept? Where have you had something similar run before?

I started Kat's Cabaret in 2011 in Stratford Ontario while I was performing in Jesus Christ Superstar at The Stratford Festival. I wanted to showcase the ensemble members as well as myself in a fun night of music. The evening was such a hit that people kept on asking when there would be another one. 

After Jesus Christ Superstar went to Broadway I found myself back in Stratford performing in the revival of The Who's Rock Opera Tommy! While working on that show, I wound up producing 4 evenings of Kat's Cabaret. Each Cabaret featured different members of the Stratford company, singing rock and pop songs, showcasing different sides of themselves.    

You've managed to put together the entire cast from the current Stage West Calgary production of “Love Train The Soul Of Motown” - what can the audience expect, if they have or haven't seen this show?

The audience can expect an amazing variety of vocal talent. We will be singing covers of some of the best soul and Motown hits not already featured in Love Train, as well as some original songs.

For anyone not familiar with the level of talent in this group, what can you tell us about the accomplishments of some of these artists, including yourself?

The lineup for Kat's Cabaret is packed with POWER HOUSE voices!!!! We've got singers who have been to Broadway, on American national tours and even nominated for Grammys and Junos! 

If anyone has already seen the Stage West show, will this be similar or different?

This will be a more relaxed and intimate experience. Each singer chose which songs they wanted to sing and which style they'd like to sing it in. This will be a great opportunity to get to know more about these amazing talents; and if you haven't seen Love Train, it’s a chance to find out what all excitement is about!

How can people get tickets?

People can get tickets online at:

Don’t miss out - the Stage West Calgary show has had rave reviews, and audiences that weren’t already familiar with the depth of talent performing onstage quickly came to discover  how each and every one of these performers can hit a soul song out of the ballpark. 

Act fast, tickets are limited, the venue is intimate - be a part of this sure-to-be-memorable evening yourself!!


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