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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken...)

Cluckin' winter!!


Between tha snow an tha cold, a bird could freeze his pinfethers off in this pluckin' weather!! Wut did Canada ever do ta Muther Naytcher???


Snow storm lass nite, a dump uv tha white stuff at least as tall as me! I even saw a polar bear at a travel agent's office on mah way home...


Who ordered thiss stuff? An tha cold - don't even get me started!! It's warmer in Donald Trump's heart than it is right now in sum parts a this country.

Ah guess if there is a bright side ta all this, it's that I ain't in Winnipeg - hoo-ee-boy, they's tha epic centre uv a bad winter unfit  fer habitabition. Let alone co-habitation...



Ah think mah cigarettes pack is empty!!

Ah wunder if tha Pills Berry Doughboy kin be fooled inta goin' ta tha store fer me??

Otherwise, I gotta zip up these boots, and thumb a ride tah tha corner store.

When's summer??

Not cluckin' soon enuff...


Cluck fer now!!  


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh Charlie! Yup, you need to wear them big boots. You would literally disappear if you step outside. Hmmmm.....let me open the door for you...

Mama Bear said...

Charlie, ya just need one of them Canada Goose coats to keep you warm here in Winnipeg. Wait a minute..that sounds a little weird. Chicken dressed in goose!

ThatDanGuy said...

Now listen here, MTDG.....


ThatDanGuy said...

It does sound a little...un-bird like....