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Sunday, May 23, 2010

(05 23 10….hmmm…“11” anybody???)

Hey, a colleague, amigo and fellow blogger/writer has bestowed an honour upon this space that she recently accepted at her own blog (one of two – follow the links – plus I think she also pens others):

I’ll take it. I’ll wear it proudly. After well over 1500-plus consecutive posts without Blogger intervening in the interests of good taste or reason, I would admit to being a prolific blogger. Any other descriptive will be left for history to decide, or my tens of readers.

I can say that this blog has expanding my writing into places I never expected, as a long-time “humour-only” scribbler. Now that my weekly column is homeless, hopefully it will soon post to other links that my “nonsense and stuff” occasionally appears – or I could just start listing the places it doesn’t:


Saturday Evening Post


Apples Of The Americas

Saskatchewan Farmer

Dear Penthouse…(no, wait…)

Smithsonian Monthly

Acne Digest

The Well-Dressed Nudist

Vanishing Eyebrows – Digest of Lasik Disasters

KFC Flyer, May 2009

IKEA Catalogue

Prairie Barns Magazine

Man, there may be more to list than I had expected….

Just keep stopping in, and there may be the odd announcement or two.

Chow for now!!

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