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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger Charlie Chicken..)

Open Sesame!!



My woes is over, humany friends! I did buy a magic lamp, just like the one Aladdin picked up, centuries ago.

Only problem is, I gotta narrow down what I WANT, to three measly little wishes.

A chicken has needs, dude…


Do I wish fer a wagonload a gold, or a wagonload a chicks? The latter sounds appealin’ but plagued wit troubles if I ain’t got the scratch to keep ‘em all happy – chicks is high maintenance, unless ya got enough dough ta distract ‘em wit baubles an feeds…

Mebbe I should wish fer an island, where I’m tha only male chicken aroun’ – an sand is the currency merchants use? Then I just need ta figure out my third wish.

I always wanted ta be taller…


Ya know, this don’ look like much uva magic lamp – I hope I din get ripped orf…


Hey, is it just me, or is my cigarette startin’ ta look like a joint?? Mebbe I should wish for better props fer these postin’s??

I think my first wish had better be that this here magic lamp really does have the powers that tha old rooster at tha bar said it did – otherwise I better skitter over to the local 7-11, an pick me up some Lotto tix, pronto.

I’ll be honest folks. I always wanted a pet elephant – I’d call him “Mr. Swisheroo”.

…..uh…on second thought, Mr. Swisheroo may not be the manliest name I could come up with…


This wish stuff is hard – I’m conflicted, an I ain’t even able to think up TWO good wishes, let alone three.

I better go have anuther cuppa coffee, and put more thought inta this, before I do rub my lamp.

Lamp…ya pervert!

Cluck fer now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Open Sesame!
Al Kazam!

I wish ol Charlie would get himself some dignity!
I wish ol Charlie would get himself some etiquette!
I wish ol Charlie would find himself a nice Mrs Chicken (not that Henrietta either!) and settle down!

charlie chicken said...

I wish ole Charlie had some Pepsi to mix with this here gargle...