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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Rats Return To Alberta?

I heard on the TV news this morning that our rat-free status is in jeopardy again, here in Alberta. This is the second such infestation in just 18 months!

I suppose we need to clear up the rat situation, but I'm sure it plays a part in helping law enforcement, if informers cooperate with officers and lawyers to help bring their associates to justice.

It might be better to use "nicer" slang, if the term "rat" is the problem.

How about canary? They used to use that in the cartoons when I was a kid - "he sang like a canary"...

I suppose "pig" would be confusing, although one does "squeal" - however I believe that is still slang for cops.

Is "informant" off the table?? Hard to believe they are still considered "rats"...

It's one confusing "tail", that's for sure!



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Varmit! Just plain old varmit will do. Yuk, gross, blech. Please get a grip on them there varmit, please. It is m worst nightmare. (Well, that and cockroaches. If Canada ever gets cockroaches, I will have to leave) Pardon me, I am feeling queasy, must go find the bathroom.

ThatDanGuy said...

It's always "you dirty rat" - are there no clean rats??