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Monday, April 21, 2014

Killing Off Archie??

Have you heard about this hare-brained idea to kill off enduring comic character Archie Andrews? I'm not sure why, when or how, but he's supposed to die a "heroic death". That alone is questionable as hell - what's so heroic about two jealous girlfriends plotting your demise by argyle sock circulation restriction??

Bear in mind, this is the world of comic books, where death is pretty much the first step to regenerate interest in the character. Superman has died so many times, St. Peter doesn't even look up any more when he sees the name in his admittance ledger. "Passing through again Kal? Hope your readership get better this time...)

But Archie? That seems like a particular stretch even for the world of comic books.

Although, it would be fun to see Mr. Lodge finally go off the rails after Archie's latest buffoonery, but that's another story... A guy with that kind of money probably has an Iron Maiden in a hidden torture chamber in the basement...

I haven't read Archie or Jughead's adventures in years, I must confess, so I can't say if the franchise is struggling and needs some titillation to revive the series.

Maybe something less radical than killing him off though?? A gambling problem? An addiction to painkillers for those weird strips on the side of his head?

What do I know?? Fair thee well, whatever fate awaits you, American Redhead!

And say hello to Garfield - all that lasagna and lethargy is finally catching up to him..



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Man, even characters in a comic book are subject to crazy ideas to get attention. Not unlike real-life characters. Sad, really. Poor Archie. How you can kill off a freckle-faced, red-headed, pure-blooded American boy? Tragic.

ThatDanGuy said...

With a sausage grinder, maybe?

An axe?

Electrolysis accident?

Eaten by a lion? Ran over by a crappy purple Scion?