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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicken Scratch

(posted by weekend guest blogger and aspiring pugilist Charlie "Thunder Wings" Chicken...)

Howdy hoomans!

Ya know, ya heers sew much about clockfightin', ah gots ta thinkin' - Charlie, why don YOU give clockfightin'  a try??


First off, them hands on clocks iz inna INSIDE, not on tha outsides, so ah figures ah could clock 'em good before they could punch back. 

Git it?? Clocks 'em!!

Har Har Har!!!


There's big money in clockfightin', so mebbe ah could live in tha style ah deserves, not haven' tah fend fer mahself with leftovers from tha humans in this coop! Ah keen, a bird kin only eat sew much Cheezies...

Although, ah does understand that sum parts of tha country frowns on clockfightin' - it may even be ill eagle in parts. 

So, keepin' this idee-ah on tha lowdown fer now - but training' already.

Know any good clockfightin' managers???

Ah floats like a buttered fry, an stings like night pee!!


Better run, ah needs ta shop fer sum boxing' gluves!!

Cluck fer now!!


Mrs That Dan Guy said...

OMG! What a dumb bird. First of all knucklehead Charlie, it is "cockfighting", not CLOCK fighting. 2nd of all, Thunderwings?! Your wings look like the size of my baby finger for crying out loud! I tell you what, step into the ring with me why don't ya. I'll CLOCK you a good one! (And it wont be just your night pee that stings!) Oh brother!

ThatDanGuy said...

So, you wouldn't recommend placing a bet at this time???