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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Filler, #22

(I had nothing...)

Bluebottle flies shun any offspring that are turquoise.

Most exercise bikes are quite happy with their time spent being sedentary.

Early stoners struggled for acceptance in their craft, after the term evolved into a drug reference...and witches became harder to find.

The Rolling Stones originally decided to call themselves Gather No Moss. Then Keith Richards read the rest of the famous phrase, and said "Uhh, hey Mick..."

IKEA scientists spend weeks working on finding the best way to omit a critical piece of your new bunk bed in the packaging.

Cucumbers got pickled for decades before a creative cook had a flash of inspiration...

Celine Dion's heart still goes on. And On...

A family of four is one person less than a party of five.

(nothing, I tell you...)



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Oh, you had plenty! And # 22 no less!

ThatDanGuy said...

No less :-)