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Friday, April 11, 2014

Everything We Do Makes History

A few pictures I snapped at a museum display in Hartford Connecticut last year caught my attention at the time because my day job involved volunteer engagement. While I don't have that connection now, they still are extremely relevant to my work as a writer.

Like many of my writing colleagues, I've given back and done workshops or classes for new writers over the years, or just presented my work in public to an appreciative audience - but these three pictures all underline that whatever it is we do, the ultimate culmination is impact, in one way or another. For readers, for students - for history.

Share. Think. Imagine. Just a few of the words, but all good things to offer, and live by, I think.



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Yes indeed. Everything we do has impact and words have an amazing impact. Words can make all the difference in one's day, all the difference in how one is made to feel and what action they take as a result. Powerful stuff.
Share. Think. Imagine. I like it.

ThatDanGuy said...

So true, my cheeky wee monkey...