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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Stay At Home Day

With winter pounding us with a sledgehammer of snowfall yesterday and today, I do believe we will opt to stay in today. As it is, I have several deadlines that would have encouraged that thought process, but we are fond of monkey business during our days off, so we may have opted to go out if the weather were nicer.

How bad is it? It took me over two hours to get back home yesterday after serving as MC for the Canadian Diabetes Association Calgary Fall Forum. Normally, that trip is about 25-30 minutes...

If our freeloading rabbit is still in the yard, we can't see him or her - that could just mean he or she is buried under the fresh snow - kind of a Hare Popsicle.That's the life, man - hibernate as the elements of nature conspire against you.

Which is kind-of what we are going to opt to do, until we have to go battle the elements during the drive to work tomorrow...



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Sledge hammer indeed! Looks nasty out there. Wind is blowing like mad. We had a total of 17cm of snow, roads are getting covered, can't see the Rockies from our window this morning. Yuk! Stay in, get some work done, make some yummy meals. A nice toasty Sunday indoors.

ThatDanGuy said...

Couldn't agree more - let's stay in until June!