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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rooting Around

It would be just plain rude to compare a highly-paid, trained dental professional to a truffle-sniffing pig, but I suppose the comparison isn't all that far off.

While pigs are able to sniff the ground to discover the rare delicacy, a dental specialist will be rooting around this morning under a crown in my mouth, looking for the reason I get recurring infections, swelling and sharp pain.

I know why, I just get frustrated at the cost of remediation. This will be the third such specialist to inform me that a former dentist broke off a file tip, and left it in there when he finished off a root canal, and installed a costly crown. That tooth also abuts a sinus, so when it swells, the clash is just like a cold front meeting a warm front - stormy.

My gripe is that I am having to pay ginormous sums of money (funny, Spell-Check didn't even blink an eye over ginormous...) for someone's professional incompetence, even with insurance coverage.

Have you ever tried going to your bank and borrowing against the values in your teeth? I guarantee the loans officer will be regaling his colleagues with THAT story for years if you ever did give it a try.

Well, a top-of-the-line Mercedes is awfully expensive, and those doctors do have to keep up their appearances. Who am I to complain about diverting our six-month holiday to Europe, Australia and Jupiter into a single affected tooth?

Grumpy, I guess....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Aw, poor Mr That Dan Guy. I agree, but your suffering that used to occur once or twice a year, is now occurring more frequently and the pain and suffering far outweighs the cost. Gotta get to the bottom of it and resolve it once and for all. (Besides, it is frightening when you get up and I look at you and once side of your face has become huge!)

ThatDanGuy said...

Such exaggeration.....