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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Friend Charlie

I noticed in the stats this morning that I had a big spike in my site views here yesterday.

Knowing that I've admittedly (and obviously) been "coasting" the last few days, I was puzzled - until I clicked on the Posts tab, and discovered that my weekend guest blogger was the reason for my page views jumping well over quadruple. For a rubber chicken, he can be awfully agile when it comes to leaping over all my other topics.

Second place was the link to a new, combined podcast version of my Stage West Calgary cast interview, for current production Two Hit Wonders. Again, no surprise there - always lots of traffic for those features.

However, something for me to consider - a troublesome, misbehaving bird gets more interest than real people.

Does he need his own blog? His own Twitter?

His own book???

Makes me think.....

Chow for now! - And no matter why you stop by here, much thanks! Keep coming back!


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Yes, Charlie needs his own blog!
Yes, Charlie needs his own twitter!
Yes, Charlie needs his own book!
Yes, Charlie needs his own tv show!
Yes, sadly, Charlie is a star! (Ugh! It was painful to state that you know)

ThatDanGuy said...


Get on that, willya????