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Friday, January 25, 2013

Crocodiles At Large

Just read a news scroll that 5000 crocodiles "remain at large" after escaping from a reptile farm.

"Remain at large"?? How exactly do you accumulate 5000 crocodiles at a farm without being designated a purse factory? And how lax is your security that you couldn't turn the departure around after two or three hundred got away??

First off, never hire security guards that get so wrapped up in an episode of "Modern Family" that they can't take their eyes off the screen for even just a second to view security footage.

Second, maybe build lower fences when you are holding crocodiles - they will not be jumping barricades to get out...

Third, avoid wearing your meat dress if you are going to a bar the next few nights - those long-faced gentlemen wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses may be looking for more than just a piece of ....., well you know...pardon my French...ass....

Chow for now!!

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Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Oh my! Umm, you failed to say where this is. I would like to know so I never, never go there nor to any other states or countries bordering that place. YIkes! 5,000?

ThatDanGuy said...

I know! Are crocodiles related to rabbits??