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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It Begins Anew

Well, every year we worry if we have failed to take advantage of whatever the Number 11 is trying to get through to us relentlessly. This year starts off with a bang, as we saw 11's everywhere on Jan 1 - even from our new dry cleaner (above). Or maybe that's the local KFC, hard to recall. Incidentlly, that picture shows as Pic 22 (11+11)........

At any rate, even just coming downstairs this morning, the first thing I see as I pass by the television is a player wearing a jersey with...the number 11.

Clearly, the Universe is trying to get some sort of message out to us, and we just need to figure out what it is. As long we we don't end up owing the Universe any money.

Even $11.11.............................

Chow for now!


Mrs. That Dan Guy said...

Oh ya, it continues to follow us big time....aaahhhh, what does it all mean? Not sure, but I find it comforting for some reason knowing it is there, it feels right. I think I would miss it if I stopped seeing it everywhere.

ThatDanGuy said...

It is off the hook - fo shizzle!