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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Calgary Folk Club 01 18 13

 Calgary Folk Club
January 18, 2013

Evans & Doherty
with Lizzy Hoyt Trio

It feels like a million years ago that we could have enjoyed a night of music like this on national television - in prime time no less!

While there may still be varied music shows on TV, it's unlikely you'll ever surf the channels and come up with an evening of first-rate Celtic music like the Calgary Folk Club enjoyed last night. 

Opening act Lizzy Hoyt Trio referenced growing up to artists like The Rankins, but her sound goes back further - more in line with the corner pub TV music shows I grew up.  

Alternating fiddle and guitar, accompanied by upright bass, guitar and mandolin, Ms. Hoyt touched on a wide array of emotions in her time on stage - traditional fiddle medleys, jaunty reels, and quiet, heartfelt stories on "Home" (with references to her home in Alberta), and "Vimy Ridge" - the latter she was able to perform at the actual site to mark the memorial's 95th anniversary. She's already an award-winning writer, and with songs like that one and "Picture On My Heart", I imagine she'll capture more along her journey.

Headliners Evans & Doherty I understood to be from the East Coast. They may be based there, but they hail from another coast altogether - in Ireland. You can't get any more authentic than that if you're dispensing Irish drinking songs, bar-room sing-a-longs, and stories of the old country.

The genial jokesters were as quick onstage to react to the crowd as a standup fencing with a heckler. But this audience loved every minute of it. The audience also clearly loved the duo, as this was their 8th visit to the club!

Evans & Doherty are a demonstration of musicianship and engagement, how to own an audience with the simplest of setting, connecting without all the distractions deemed necessary in pop music. "Jug Of Punch", "Fiddler's Green", and the cheeky "Sister Josephine (What A Funny Nun You Are)" made me wish I could have stayed for the rest of the evening. But snapping up a copy of their double-disc 25th anniversary collection might fill in the blanks for me over the rest of the weekend :-)

It was a full house and then some last night, but if you haven't yet discovered the Calgary Folk Club, I'd advise you to give it a visit. 

You'll be among friends....



Mrs That Dan Guy said...

Yes indeed, another amazing show. Incredible talent to say the least. Lizzy's voice was like an angel with 2 very talented and witty musicians at her side. And Evans & Doherty, OMG, funny as hell and they seem to operate as one. Unbelievably fluid and beautiful voices. I love their story-telling in between songs and how they move from wit to heartfelt emotion with ease. Great show!

ThatDanGuy said...

A wonderful evening...